Last Day Of Summer. First Day Of Fall.

I had a wonderful summer this summer. I’d say it was my best one ever. Reality tells me that it shouldn’t have been so. Why? Because this was the first summer I didn’t run off to be somewhere else. I actually stayed home this summer. No running off to the Hamptons or Newport RI or Florida or The Outerbanks or Georgia. I literally stayed put, for the first time ever.


What I did instead, was plan activities and day trips to keep myself busy and occupied. I also joined our community pool (this was the first time for hubby!) DH and I went swimming, almost every single morning, at our community pool, during the adult swim time from noon till 1PM. We even met some new neighbors and made some new friends! Imagine that?

I planed a few mid-week get-a-ways in our RV but many of those trips had to be cancelled due to our rainy summer weather. No problem. We went to the movies instead (Tom Cruise and Momma Mia). We also went out to eat at a few new, recently opened restaurants, as well as cook up some fab meals at home on our back deck. I scoured the events page on some local newspapers and found some very (free) interesting events to attend. Despite having access to a weekly concert, we never made it to any of them. But we will next year! We also didn’t make it to any annual Fourth of July fireworks. But we will next year also! I have a funny feeling we will be spending even more time at home next year because we had so much fun.

Who knew?

Nick and I were always running away thinking life was more exciting somewhere else. We used to think the sun rose and set only on the ocean beaches. Since then, we have discovered rivers, lakes, ponds and streams. There are no sharks in fresh water lakes. Nor are there jelly fish, red tide or stringy sea weed. In other words, there is a whole new world out there just waiting to be discovered. In our own back yard! (Note: we hung a birdhouse in our backyard and had a whole summer of singing Wrens to amuse us PLUS have babies!)

Now that the summer is over, we are looking forward to the fall. We have some of the best hiking trails here in New York, just perfect to hike right now, as the leaves are starting to change colors. There are pumpkin festivals, garlic festivals, apple picking festivals and the best one I love of all is: Octoberfests! Many of these events are held at the local ski resorts here and offer some of the best, best scenery ever! The chair lifts are open and my camera and I are ready!

I made this little 5 minute video to celebrate our past summer activities and to look forward to both the fall AND prepare for our next summer. Hope you enjoy it:


    • Hi Steven. It was a wonderful summer. I would suppose these small towns are becoming very inventive in order to attract business or tourism. Whatever it is, it’s certainly fun.
      Who knew?
      Thanks for your comment.


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