My Results From A No-Spend Week & Weekend

I was an almost good girl, I was, I was. I’m happy to report that I didn’t spend any money on anything……..except…….

dunkin-donuts-pumpkin-lattesI discovered Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin Latte’s. I have to confess I got hooked on these delightful coffee treats from my very first sip. And I also have to admit that I tried to replicate the latte’s at home (here’s the recipe) but NOTHING tasted as good as those originals. By the time the week was done, I had consumed four of them @$3.45 each, which meant I spent a total of $13.80 on pure joy. By the end of the week, I was sash-shaying into Dunkin’ belting out “I’ll have a medium pumpkin latte with decaf (coffee) and skim (milk) please!” as if I had been ordering these concoctions since birth.

apple cider donuts
My apple cider donut eyes are bigger than my stomach!

I also didn’t do well with the fall production of our local apple spice donuts that my nearby neighboring farm bakes up fresh and golden each and every single day as soon as there is a chill in the air. (They’ll be here till November!) At only .65 cents each, I was scoffing up two of these treats in a sitting. I forgoed lunch and had apple spice donuts instead. All rolled up in cinnamon and spice, topped off with a pumpkin latte, I was amazed I could even roll out of bed in the morning, I was so stuffed! I scoffed a dozen of these bad little boys this week to the tune of $7.80. Well, a girl has to live, doesn’t she?

Other than what I have confessed to above, I didn’t spend any money on anything else.

porchfest.jpg - 5Except when DH and I attended a new type of home grown, local entertainment entitled ‘Porch Fest”. Admission was free, as was parking BUT there were food trucks like everywhere. You’ll be proud to know that I did NOT buy any hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, home-made ice cream, corn on the cob swabbed in garlic butter or local baked pizza fresh out of a brick oven. No sireee, I was a good girl I was, I was. Until I saw a gluten-free, vegan food stand………..I had a sweet potato patty and DH had a fresh, organic ricotta galette. I felt sorry for the poor woman who probably worked hard all day and all night baking these vegetarian treats. No one was at her booth. Plus, neither DH or I wanted any of those other fattening products either (fried pickles, fried oreos, fried butter….well, you get the picture) So, we did our good neighbor routine and spent $10 at the Vegan Booth, just so the owner wouldn’t feel lonely or left out. Uh huh.

Anyway, this Saturday was the 3rd Annual Porch Fest, whereby homeowners, who have a front porch, opened up their homes to a bevy of local musciains who played all sorts of music from The Doors (no pun intended) to Bob Dylan to Natalie Merchant. Each musical performer was given around 15 minutes to perform as there was a rotation of other musicians just oozing to get out there on the homeowner’s front porches. The fun started at 11AM and ended up in the town Main Street parking lot for a one hour finale at 6PM.

It was a warm, sunny, bright fall day. DH and I made the rounds and had a lot of fun. What could be better than listening to live music on village porches at some really fine magnificent and beautiful homes? For free!

Anyway, I enjoyed my no-spend week and weekend and am going to continue the trend for as long as I can. Other than food, I really don’t need or want anything. Stick a fork in me (literally!) I’m done!

Here are some photos from the Porch Fest Event. Enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see and hear more of the many bands, here’s a little YouTube video I made:


  1. Hi Cindi, IMHO I think at our ages we shouldn’t have to forego splurging and do self imposed deprivation. With plenty in savings and higher interest you should be kissing no spend weeks good bye and embrace pampering yourself . Did you even get through the first day without one of these treats? So with six days of treating on donuts and four days of lattes it really wasn’t a no spend week just a day!


    • That’s one way to think about it, Lara. I consider spending $3 on a newfound pumpkin latte to really be a no spend day. For example, DH and I went out today: $25 on gas, $48 at Wal Mart, $27 on doggie meds, $4 on RX….That’s a $104 day. That’s what I call spending. Not $3.90 on a half box of donuts.
      I think, however, I was being good to myself buying all those treats to compensate for my no-spend attitude. I really don’t like spending money sometimes and just need a break from it. Sometimes I find spending money exhausting and want the madness to stop! I enjoyed my no-spend week. I did not enjoy the spending we did today.
      Go figure?
      My Dunkin’ latte splurge is over. I bought a pumpkin creamer for my morning coffee instead. When I zipped up my jeans this morning, they were a little tight. Gulp. No more apple spice donuts for me for a while. I went for a very long walk today instead.
      All is not lost however, I decided to keep getting my $50 haircuts (really $40 with a $6 tip from now on). And I am seriously thinking of joining a health club for 3 or 4 months (because it has a heated indoor pool and a sauna!) I think those should do for indulging myself. For now. LOL!
      Thank you, as always, for your comment.


  2. So did you use gas to get to the Dunkin’ Donuts? That has to be figured in on the spend splurge. As far as yesterday spending, It depends what you purchase at the Walmart if it was essentials it would make all of the $104 necessities and part of your budgeted items. I think your exhaustion comes from the money needed for necessities leaves little room for the discretionary fun things you yearn to be able to do without thinking of where the money will come from. Also you budget so tightly that it sets you up for failure.
    The lattes and cider donuts were not on your healthy food focus, and did not help your cutting your food budget by $25 dollars and did not help you lose weight. IMHO, In essence a rebellion on your self imposed budget constraints and nutritional direction. Not a win win choice but probably part of the underlying anger, frustration, or being Mad at current circumstances that are wearing on you. Sincerely, Lara


    • Lara you pegged me correctly. I’m furious over what happened. I’m tired of my planning not working out.
      But even if I stayed home, I’d be using electricity and propane. Dunkin is less than a few miles from my front door.
      I categorized the Dunkin’ and the donuts under ‘restaurant meals out’. Not my monthly food budget.
      I’ve streamlined my pantry as well as my refrigerator. Threw out all the junk and aging food items I’ll never eat.
      Subconsciously I think I am very very angry over this recent setback.
      All my planning was geared towards DH getting his benefits NOW. Not 3 more years from now.
      It’s very difficult when a person (me) let lifestyle creep sink in and then a person (me) has to go back to how it was in the ‘before time’.
      You know me. I’m the one kicking and screaming.
      It was an adjustment.
      I got through this week and I have made it through to the other side. I’m resigned to get back on the wagon.
      I’ve cut back our Florida trip substantially and I’m even prepared to either cut it back more or just forgo the whole thing altogether.
      I do have Las Vegas and there’s no going back (or spending more money) on that.
      I’ll make a decision either soon about Florida or no later than December/January.
      Personally, DH and I are leaning towards staying home.
      (wo)Man makes plans. God laughs.


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