Fall Is My Favorite Time Of The Year

The leaves are just beginning to change their color. The air is filled with oranges, yellows and so many shades of red! Cool, crisp mountain air. New fruits and veggies at the Farmer’s Market (pumpkin, apples and squash). Lots of things to see and do. Plenty of fall festivals to attend, explore and enjoy. Best of all, hiking:

walkway.jpg - 15

Here are some scenes from an Italian Festival we visited in Ulster County NY:

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    • Hi Ev. We already knocked off a home made pumpkin pie yesterday! Delish. But at least when I make it, I cut a lot of the calories out (less sugar, skim milk etc). 🙂


  1. Hi Cindi, I thought summer would have been your favorite since you love Florida and the Caribbean. I love fall the best too, But I am really a four seasons girl cherishing the changes in each. As long as my pantry is full and I can keep my home temperature comfy I love love looking out on falling snow and the white scenery too. Sincerely,Lara


    • Lara, DH and I do NOT like the sun as much anymore. Go figure. With day temps in the 60’s (perfect for hiking) and evening temps in the upper 40’s (perfect for sleeping) we’re liking the fall. I still can’t stand the bitter cold nor snow storms. It’s back to Florida we will go. Next year we’ll do a spring break in Bermuda too!
      Thanks for your comment.


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