Welcome Autumn

I am loving this time of year up in New England (is NY part of the New England charm?) The colors popping right outside my windows from all the leaves changing colors has been nothing short of breathtaking. I’m loving living here, up in the mountains way more than I used to like living at the ocean. Things are open and wide up in the mountains. No crowds. No lines. You can really spread out, feel free and breathe in that fine, crisp, clean mountain air. And those colors!

welcome autumn.jpg - 5
Here’s the road I take to my driveway.
welcome autumn.jpg - 6
here’s the road I take to the grocery store

Here are three shots of the pond right around my corner. I pass it every day when I walk my dog. Click on any photo to enlarge. Or better yet:

welcome autumn.jpg - 4
This is the best out of the 3. Magnificent, right?

welcome autumn.jpg - 2welcome autumn.jpg - 1

Just look up to the top of the trees, and take the shot. Beautiful. See what I mean?


  1. Beautiful in ct too . Wish it would last. The leaves are falling too quickly and that tells me it’s almost time to go south . My bones are starting to ache… haha ! Ugh

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