Cold Outside? How About Some Comfort Food?

Our weather people are predicting that we are going to be hit with a Nor’easter this weekend. Can you imagine? It’s still October. No chance of snow BUT it’s going to rain something awful. Already, certain things we had planned are getting cancelled.

Oh well. What to do?

Cook, of course! How about some down home comfy comfort foods to get you through the weekend? I got busy in the kitchen and came up with these holdovers for the upcoming weekend:

Italian roasted chicken with peas and potatoes

I had one whole chicken, that I cut up in 8 pieces. I used the back and innards to make crock pot chicken rice soup. I roasted the rest of the chicken with potatoes, onions, rosemary, garlic, olive oil and fresh peas.

The ever versatile, pound cake. Top with fresh or frozen berries and serve with a cup of tea. Delish!
Slow cooker chicken rice soup with veggies and parsley



  1. I’m going to be enjoying the comfort food I made last Sunday the next four days while I work on projects. Stuffed cabbage, chicken rice soup, lasagne, and chicken stir fry or lomein. I still need to make my huge pot of homemade heart healthy vegetable soup tomorrow. This will complete sixty freezer meals ready for my busy days getting ready for the holidays and save me a ton of money foregoing getting take out food when I am too tired to cook.


    • I’ve got lasagna on the forefront too. Tomorrow I’m making a big pan of Mac n cheese. My fave. My freezer is already loaded with tubs of soups, for when we come down with colds. Ugh. At least we got our flu shots.
      Happy cooking!


  2. Good for you. My freezer still has plenty of room because I haven’t gotten a great deal on butternut squash.
    Did you have any affects from this year ‘s flu shot? Lara


    • Hi Lara. No side effects from the flu shot. We both got them. We both feel fine. Fingers crossed we don’t get sick this year. 🙂


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