Fall Bucket List: Walking Over The Hudson River

I made up a Bucket list of things I wanted to do this fall season. So far, so good. DH and I are covering some turf. Fall season around here is perfect hiking weather. It’s not too hot. Not too cold. And the landscape just pops with tons of fall colors.

One of our favorite hiking choices is The Walkway Over The Hudson. It’s a 4 mile round trip hiking trail that spans over the historic Hudson River via a revamped railroad crossing.

According to Wikipedia: The Walkway over the Hudson (also known as the Poughkeepsie Bridge, Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge, Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge, and High Bridge) is a steel cantilever bridge spanning the Hudson River between Poughkeepsie, New York, on the east bank and Highland, New York, on the west bank. Built as a double track railroad bridge, it was completed on January 1, 1889, and formed part of the Maybrook Railroad Line of the New Haven Railroad. It was taken out of service on May 8, 1974, after it was damaged by fire. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, and its entry updated in 2008.[2][3] It was reopened on October 3, 2009 as a pedestrian walkway as part of the new Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park.

walkway.jpg - 2.jpg
Entrance to The Walkway from the Poughkeepsie side.

The sun kept peaking in and out. All the photos I’ve posted here were taken with my iPhone. Naturally, of course I tagged along my professional camera BUT using the iPhone is so much easier. I’ll post the professional shots later on my photography page.

In the meantime, enjoy:

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  1. Looks beautiful, would love to do this walk. Is there a lot of climbing with variations in the elevation? I still have difficulty with going up hill since having a knee problem and a bruised hip this summer from a fall. Lara


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