Why I’m Choosing a New iPhone Over A New DSLR Camera.

Unbeknownst to some of us non-photography people, the processors used in most cameras have reached a brick wall. In other words, technology has gone as far as it can go regarding camera hardware processing. What’s the next best thing to give you the photos of your dreams? Software, that’s what! And what could be better (or easier) than having the latest photography software right there in your ‘camera’!

DSLR cameras can’t do it but iPhones can! Especially the late-model, dual lens iPhone Xs.

the larger iPhoneXs on the left has the dual lens. The smaller does not.

With just a touch of your finger, you can get fantastic, professional looking photos from your dual lens iPhone that will surpass anything taken with a DSLR camera (hands down!) iPhone is also way better than any point-and-shoot camera!

Here’s an example:

before falls
I took this shot of Letchworth Falls with my iPhone 7PLUS in ‘live’ mode.
after falls
With just a flick of my finger, I created this long exposure look of the waterfall. If I had used my DSLR camera, I would have needed a tri-pod and taken endless photos with different settings and exposures till I got this perfect dreamy water effect.

First off, this post is not an advertisement for Apple’s iPhone lines. (click here for more info) No, it’s just an acknowledgement that smart phone camera technology has, in most instances, surpassed a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera. You won’t fully understand all the new technology brimming out of the ‘s’ series of iPhones till you take some lessons or at least watch some YouTube videos touting the new software. You just can’t figure this stuff right out of the box. You need to learn from the experts.

I can, however, recommend the iPhone Photography School (click here) as a good starting point. I did. But I only watched the free training videos. I won’t pay for lessons when there is so much information available for free. The latest iPhone Xs has dual lenses (wide-angle and telephoto), a 6.5 inch display, a bionic chip, an innovative & faster sensor, deeper pixels, enhanced Bokeh (for portrait photography) and 4K video for movies.

Click here to view my very own YouTube channel. Please note: All my videos were made on my iPhone and I used just one of my fingers to do them!

I’ve become a lazy photographer. I’m tired of lugging my heavy equipment around with me. I love just whipping out my iPhone and snapping photos on the quick that I know I’d never get with my bulky Canon DSLR camera. How many shots have I missed while I was inter-changing lenses? People balk when they see a bulky black camera aimed at them but for some reason most everyone doesn’t mind a smart phone camera. I keep mine strapped to my wrist, ever ready to snap a food porn photo, a quick smile, an awesome sunset, a quick-moving deer across the plain, a flower closeup, a mountain view…….and with a touch of my finger I can edit, copy and paste to social media. Heck, I can even make a YouTube video in a few minutes thanks to the iMovie software included with all iPhone purchases, with only using one of my fingers.

How cool is that?

Your creative juices flow much more fluently when you’re not bogged down with inertia.

To upgrade my existing Canon camera to a newer model, I’m looking at a price tag of $749, and that’s just for the shell. I’d have to transfer my existing lenses over. If I were to purchase the new iPhoneXs, the price would be $1,099 but Apple would give me 18 months at zero interest to pay it off or AT&T would give me 24 interest-free months.  Right now I have an iPhone 7PLUS, with the dual lenses and as long as I can keep upgrading the software to the latest and the greatest, it will do just fine.

I am, however, still a photographer at heart, even a lazy one at that and the thought of all the latest technology just oozing out of the Xs model is itching at my finger. I may just buy myself something insanely great this upcoming holiday season.

If I can get a photo like this (below) from my older iPhone model, can you imagine what I can do with the newer model? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (link at page bottom)

walkway.jpg - 1.jpg
I took this photo atop a bridge walkway, using the zoom lens of my iPhone 7PLUS. Look at the colors, the clarity, the definition! Amazing.


  1. Cindi I’m an avid photographer as well and only use my iPhone camera too. We upgraded to the iPhone 8 Plus this year and the photo quality is amazing! All the trips we took are recorded by my iPhone. Grandkids, family get-together, all beautiful. You won’t regret it


    • Thanks Teri. Christmas is looking a little bit jollier for me. LOL! When you think about it, in the long run I’m actually spending less money. Rather than buy a smart phone AND a DSLR camera, I’m just buying one item!
      Make sure you back up you iPhone photos. Either to a hard drive on a computer or a spare hard drive. Better yet, back up to the cloud!
      Thanks for your comment.


  2. I am also loving the IPhone 8Gplus and all my IPad pictures that transferred from the cloud were improved. My twenty one month grandson loves watching the Memories with music it creates with all his family. I remember from a previous article your habit of justifying always when you want something and it’s not a necessity just a want. Are you going to beat yourself up for blowing your budget when the property taxes come due and the $1600 plus inflation hits in 2019? Lara


    • Lara I absolutely love you. You’re the best. I think I addressed the upcoming $1600 shortfall by changing my RV rental sites from commercial to public state or national parks starting this winter. I’m also going to travel for almost free using airline points when we RV even less.
      I do have a category in my budget for technology. I’m a computer geek remember? Currently I’m paying $65 a month (6 total) to pay off an iPad I just bought for traveling. In addition I’m paying AT&T $25 for my current iPhone. If and when I do decide to upgrade my smart phone, my carrier will do a 24 month payment plan at zero percent. So, it’s in the budget. Normally what I do is wait a year after paying off the loan. Then I do an upgrade. But since I’m into this type of photography now I might not wait as long.
      Plus I think I’m gonna sell my Canon, lenses and tripod. And save that money. I need to streamline.
      How does all of the above sound?
      Have I justified my upgrade?


  3. Excellent post, Cindi – you’ve intrigued me to consider upgrading my phone some day. I have the SE and that’s why I’m not so convinced of the power of the camera in it. 😉 I agree with you on the bulkiness of the DSLR’s, that’s for sure. And when I read the latest issue of Click Magazine, the articles all talked about the models of cameras that have been around for years as being the photographers’ favorites. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with for photos from your phone!


  4. Great justification! I am not sure I told you how I switch to the IPhone. I called to lower my Xfinitycable bill since I had gone off their promotional rate. I had their triple play and the rep gave me a new deal fastest internet they can deliver and ask about my cell phone. She was going to switch me over to a regular earlier smart phone and she directed me to their site and I was paying $240 annually for using my flip phone with Verizon as a pay when you use it. On their site I fell in love with the larger rose gold 8G plus IPhone signed up for the 24 month zero interest loan and one gigabyte for twelve dollars and a $200 rebate that I am supposed to get this month . The bottom line is I got it and am paying less for the monthly payments and new cable rate then the old cable bill and Verizon plan! Go figure! Lara


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