Is It Too Early To Feel The Christmas Spectacular?


I’m looking forward to this holiday season. For some reason, I’m in the groove! My family and I are off to a good Christmas start. Yesterday we saw The Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring The Rockettes (click here). As a native New Yorker, I’m probably a bit biased BUT I think some of the best holiday shows and events can be seen right here in NYC. My family and I have been enjoying the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall for three generations so far. And from what I can tell, looks like this tradition will go down to the fourth generation very soon.

radi city.jpg - 1 (2).jpg
walking to the end of the ticket holders line. it moved quickly

Back in 1978, Radio City and The Rockettes were facing demolition and extinction. The historic building, an Art Deco masterpiece, built in 1933 was going bankrupt (as was most of New York City). One woman, Rosemary Novellino-Mearns, dance captain of the legendary Radio City Music Hall Ballet Company, set out to save the cultural landmark. She motivated a small group of dedicated colleagues, friends, media and political allies to join forces and challenge the Rockefeller establishment. Within four months, against all odds, Novellino-Mearns raised enough capital to save New York City’s ‘Showplace Of The Nation’. We native New Yorkers (as is the rest of the world) will forever be grateful for her determination.

Just another New York City story.

Say whatever you like, but there is nothing, NOTHING, as near perfect as a NYC Broadway show. Especially a musical. You can’t duplicate this professionalism anywhere. Though many have tried.

Tickets for the five of us came to $304.75 (this included taxes and fees and a ‘free’ Santa hat & 3D glasses). Parking the car was $54. At the venue, popcorn was $25 and water was $5.50. Hint: pack your own snack and water. Money, however, was no object. We enjoyed every single second of the experience. There are 3 shows every weekend day and two shows every day during the week. Each show has it’s own cast and when you see how many people (including sheep and camels, yes!) are on the stage, Radio City can charge whatever they’d like. Its worth every single penny. The show is as they say: spectacular!

Here are some photos I took with my little trusty iPhone. Photography isn’t allowed BUT for some reason, you can snap away with a smartphone. This year we sat in the second mezzanine. You don’t want to sit in the orchestra seats because the show is much better viewed from above. The last time we sat in the third mezzanine but that was too far up. Next time we see the show we’ll sit in the first mezzanine and we’ll be sitting just right.

Enjoy the slide show:

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  1. It’s never too Early to get in the mood for joyful times spent with family especially since you just went through consoling your daughter and SIL losses. Sincerely, Lara


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your photos. They were the next best thing to being there. In everyone of the shots, the Rockettes were perfectly in sync. All of those gorgeous, strong, muscular legs! As a little girl, I used to love watching the holiday specials on TV featuring the Rockettes. So glad you enjoyed a spectacular kick-off to the holiday season.


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