Some Last Minute Frugal Scores

beautiful, comfy, warm sheets!

DD#2 wanted her guest bedroom to be upgraded this holiday season. The existing sheets and pillows I had were, according to her, “just too old (yellow and stained)”. So, I bought her 100% organic cotton sheets and two brand new pillows. She insisted on Target, so that’s where I bought her new sheets (the pillows came from Aldi’s houseware department). Original price of the queen-set sheets were $45. Note: I’ve never paid more than $20, but I understand times have changed. As soon as the set was delivered, I noticed on the website, the sheet set went on sale for $30.

A quick call to Target Customer Service and I got a reduction of $15 plus tax credited back to my charge card. SCORE!

our new, modern thermostat

We have a manual thermostat that we got for free 17 years ago when our house was built. It was a gift BUT you have to physically hand set the temperatures. It was difficult for me to remember to lower the heat at night and then raise it up in the morning. I had to get out of bed too many times at night when I would finally remember to lower the thermostat. We finally bought a new, modern, programmable, automatic thermostat, on sale, for only $24. DH installed it himself AND set the timer to 68F degrees from 5:30AM to 11:30PM and 63F degrees overnight. This will save us a lot of money on our heating bills.

Since DH could install and set/program the thermostat himself, we saved $300 on an installation fee. SCORE!

bath grout
DH did an absolutely stunning job!

After 17 years of bathroom wear and tear, some of the grout around our tub had developed black mold. I never took a ‘before’ photo because I didn’t realize how well the transformation would go. It took DH several days to strip out the old grout, prepare the surface for new grout and then re-grout. Total materials purchased came to $74. If we were to hire someone to do this work, based on the number of hours it would have taken and a day rate of $80 per hour (and we all know it would have been much higher!) the cost for this would have been between $350 and $600. SCORE!

Stay frugal, my friend. Frugality is a never-ending challenge!



  1. Yesterday I got my new garbage rates from the new owners of my hauling service and they had gone up 20% and called it a small increase! I had weekly service and found out Ihad two other choices biweekly at same cost as before or monthly for five dollars less then I had been paying which would result in $120 savings yearly. I took monthly and I know I won’t fill the containers, I thought the only choice was weekly. Duh! Lara


    • Lara almost the same thing happened to me. I could choose twice a week or once. I chose once and saved 50%. These rules aren’t written anywhere.
      Who knew?


  2. That’s why I commented here so you and others may know.’ I hesitate saying this because it is never written in stone but with all the restrictions of the foods on the list to avoid with rosacea, and what I have in my pantry and freezer at least 200 compliant lunches and dinner servings, I reduced my food budget dramatically for the next three months .My medical increase will come out of my HSA till I meet my deductible on drugs. Besides thie $150 increase in yearly property taxes due to tornado clean up expenses, everything either decreased ( gasoline big time) or stayed the same keeping my 2019 needs budget within dollars of 2018. Absolutely in shock that this is so! Lara


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