What Is Your Money Truth?

Suze Orman recently revitalized and updated a book she wrote years ago, entitled ‘Women & Money‘ (click here). In the new revised edition, Suze reveals that our words have incredible power. Most of us have deep-seated fears about money. We need to think back to our first memory about money and see if there is a connection between our past memory and our current fear.

Once we’ve made that connection, we need to create a new money truth. Suze recommends we write down our new truth (written in the present tense) memorize it and repeat it at least 25 times a day. Suze’s suggested money truth is “I have more money than I will ever need“.

While that money truth may work for Suze Orman, it will NEVER work for me regardless of how many times I say it every day or how positively I feel about it. One of my truths about money is that for me, money will always be limited. I’ve conquered most of my fears about money and I’ve dealt with many of my money woes. My life journey has proved to me, over and over again, that I can find a solution and get myself out of financial troubles because I am smart and I am strong. That’s life assurance!

So, my money truth is this: I have enough. I have enough money to fulfill my needs. Nothing more. Nothing less. I have enough.

Successful woman1I’ve taken full control and responsibility for my life. There is no one to blame for how I turned out. I made all the decisions necessary along the way. I am not the victim for anyone or anything. I’m living a life that gives me enough. It’s a life that I have created for myself; not created for me.

Life will continue to give me new challenges to master. Past accomplishments will bolster me further and farther ahead. I may not know much about things but I do know this one pure truth about myself: I have enough and it is enough to pull me through.



  1. My money truth is that my father always controlled the money. There was little trust. My mother always thought- even in abundance- we did not have enough.When he passed she found out that she was worth way more then she thought.
    I, OTOH, have always controlled the money in our family. I thank God that my husband trusts me to keep good books and spend wisely. My plans have always been to have enough to live comfortably, while having a good savings for just in case. We got ahead about fifteen years ago and never looked back to financing anything.My children are now good money managers as well- my daughter controls the budget as does my dil. Both are”at home” and have trustworthy husbands who value them above all.
    Fifteen years ago my largest fear would become a “bag lady”. I know now that, unless tragedy hits my extended family, that will not happen. Instead I am now privileged to serve those who do not have that family or finance. If that type of tragedy does happen–I have skills that are useful and needed by many. I keep those sharp. I have enough. I do not worry (a lesson Bob’s- Satisfying Retirement- mother taught me).

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    • Janette, my mother held the purse strings in our house. Ditto for me. I handle all the money issues. DH wants no part of it, which in a way, is NOT good. As for my adult daughters, they let their husbands handle everything. Go figure.
      I remember when you were concerned about being a ‘bag lady’. I think most of us felt the same way back then. Thankfully, times have changed. You sound as if you are on a very solid ground. Great! You go girl!
      Thanks for your comment.


  2. Hi Cindi, I read this a week ago and have pondered a response after all that has happen to me in November. It was the most unplanned expensive month I have had since 2007. After the septic repairs ($2000), the two bathroom sinks and faucets I had gotten earlier couldn’t be replaced without getting new vanity bottoms ($2500 between plumber and vanities). Black Friday doing the dishes I heard my sump pump running continuously went down to check and because of the massive amount of rain then severe cold the outside hose was totally filled with ice. So at 8:30 PM I ran to Home Depot twenty minutes away and got a new sump pump and hoses ($240) and left the store a minute before it close. I filled all my buckets and seven large plastic totes then my son and his wife did a bucket brigade dumping ten more buckets in my toilet to get the level down so it wouldn’t flood the basement overnight. We all collapse in bed at 12:30PM. Replaced the sump pump and hoses when the sun came out on Saturday, So the next week was health related expenses. Removal of a skin cancer ($ ?) and diagnosis of rosacea and a topical medicine for it costing $106 for a thirty day supply. The dermatologist gave me a list of food, and other things I need to avoid for thirty days all my favorites and more that I need to avoid and then have to reintroduce one at a time to see what is my triggers! Tomatoes and cheese on the list so no lasagna for me. So my money truth is: I probably have Enough but it doesn’t hurt to have that money work harder in the higher interest environment to make more! Never know when unexpected expensive events will happen so better to be prepared.
    So on December 31st I will do my net worth statement and depending if we have a stock market Santa Claus rally I may not have an increase with all the expenses from the tornado and November expenses. Just in the process of planning for next year.
    Thank God November is done. Sincerely. Lara


    • Wow. Lara this news is awful. You poor thing. Ugh. Thank goodness you have a son and DIL to help you. What happened to you is one of my biggest fears. I don’t think I could handle this house if hubby wasn’t here.
      Let’s hope that 2019 will be a lot better!


      • Just got the biopsy results and both spots are basil carcinomas so the one on my calf will be removed on December 27. The good news I have dropped six pounds With The diet restrictions for rosacea. Lara


      • Aren’t we women something? We’re happy we lost 6 pounds and don’t give a second thought to carcinomas! I’m the same as you. I’d be more joyous over weight loss. Good for you!


  3. Actually I am fearful of any cancer after seeing my DH go through failed chemo therapy And it’s complications. I am numb and made myself a special lunch and then went for a long nap to checkout. Lara


    • Lara, cancer is a very, very scary word/topic. My heart and prayers are with you. I am certain, however, that everything is going to be alright for you. Things will work out fine. keep me posted. Many hugs.


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