Time To Join The Gym

Yup. Got on the scale this morning. I only gained two pounds. In addition to the twenty I put on already. Gulp. Time to get serious and give myself the good old heave-ho and finally get this weight off. Or as much as possible.

In addition to the extreme low temps, we’ve got days and days of rain.

Normally, DH and I swim, walk and hike as much  as we possibly can outdoors (keeps the weight in check). This is the northeast, however, and as the winter progresses, outside temperatures can make it impossible for us to exercise outside. Note: skiing is out of the question as I despise snow and extreme cold temperatures. It was 7F degrees here the other morning when I woke up! UGH!

Usually by the time the temperatures drop, DH and I are in Florida and continue our outside activities there. The future is going to be a bit different now for us going forward. For the last three years neither one of us were home for Thanksgiving or Christmas and my daughters told me they really missed us. So, from here on in, we won’t be heading down south till after the holidays.

We have a local college nearby that has a superb gym and indoor (heated) Olympic-sized pool for its students AND nearby neighbors. That’s us! So, for the past 17 years, I’ve been spending my brutal winters inside this fabulous gym! Now that DH is retired, this will be the first year he will be joining me. Misery loves company. It’ll be nice having a friendly face beside me on the treadmill or elliptical equipment with a follow up for a few laps in the pool. The gym also has instructional classes and I’ve already noted my calendar to attend the early afternoon yoga classes.

The gym has several types of memberships: annual, semi-annual, 3 months, family or individual etc. I always opt for the non-expiring, 12 visit punch cards. They are only $50 bucks and if I go twice a week, I’ll get a full 6 weeks of exercise out of the membership card. That will be perfect timing since it will coincide when we finally do leave for Florida and reach warmer weather. I’m fairly certain I can keep up the determination for at least six weeks. And if I can’t, no worries. The card non-expires and I can pick it up next year. For $100, DH and I have given ourselves the gift of good health!

indoor pool
Take a good look. There’s only 1 person in the pool. Most students are in class during the day!
tons of treadmills, elliptical equipment, spin cycles etc.
squash courts
6 indoor squash courts
tennis courts
6 outdoor tennis courts, weather permitting



  1. I was going to brag that we pay $21 a month for our gym…but after seeing the photos of yours, I will keep quiet. Very nice!

    We were doing so well about going this summer and then came October and we began skipping. And with November, we have hardly darkened the door. And I just keep kicking our scales when I pas them in the bathroom. Have had a stomach bug this week so maybe I will be back down to my fighting weight!


    • A stomach bug? That may possibly bring down your weight. But I’m sure we would prefer doing it the old fashioned way, right? Feel better soon.
      The math comes out to $4.16 a visit, which I feel is a very good deal. Unless you go more than twice a week and then we’d need to buy a different type of membership. Because neither I nor hubby can be trusted to follow through on our ambitions (i.e we skip going to the gym) this seems to work out for us. No pressure. Just fun and relaxation. They keep the sports pavilion very warm. As soon as you enter, you can feel the heat and the first thing you want to do is go jump in the pool and take a swim.
      Go figure.
      Here’s hoping we all keep to our resolutions and emerge a bit thinner than the initial plunge. LOL!
      Thanks, as always, for your comment.


  2. I have battle with my weight since third grade when I was hospitalized for an unknown allergy that swelled my head with a rash and they limited my activities and sun exposure. The metabolism changed and more watching TV and the weight started to come on. Lost a lot between freshman and sophomore year and no one recognized me as I grew out my hair and having walked a lot my hair was golden. Kept losing through senior year and I got anemic. I gained back twenty pounds through college. I gained fifty pounds my first pregnancy ( toxemia) but It was a lot of water retention. I had a five pound baby and the next day I had lost 33 pounds! They check the scale to see if it was broken. Another six pounds the next day, My problem now is too many calories and too sedentary. I need to change both habits, Lara


    • Lara. I’m with you. I gained 65 pounds at pregnancy. Lost most of it on the delivery table.
      I eat too many desserts candy etc etc. plus I need to walk more which is difficult to do when cold outside. Hoping this gym investment works out.


  3. I hate treadmill walking do you ? So I gave ours to my son after my husband died. I walk in place or walk around the house. Before my injury I would take the stairs . Ten minutes of these activities brings up your absorption of glycogen which is produced from eating sweets. Lara


    • I like treadmills. I used to own one but gave it away. Now? I’d like to try the ellipticals. Seems to work the whole body. My house is too small to walk around and I can’t go up and down stairs too well anymore. My best exercise is swimming. I’m hoping I can do that at the gym. I’ll find out next week when I start.
      Wish me luck.


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