Bringing Me Frugal Happiness This Week

#1 is the free music oozing out of my bluetooth speakers thanks to Spotify. I can listen to ANYTHING I want, from Led Zeppelin to Luciano Pavarotti to Classical to Disco to Holiday all for free. I keep the music on all day long.
blue sheets
My free, 1100 count cotton/polyester queen-size set w/4 pillowcases blue sheets! There was a mix up in service and the company gave me my order at no charge! A $38 value. Love them!
nick's new shoes
Hubby needed new shoes desperately. Got him these all-weather mocs at 50% off! A $65 value for only $32 from Lands End.
pic of new shoes
His shoes got delivered today. Just in time for the extremely cold weather on its way here! They look super comfy & warm!
hot cocoa
I’m loving my Aldi brand hot chocolate with marshmallows (10 pacs for $1.99) with a spritz of whipped creme ($1.69 for a 13 oz can). Delish! Can’t get enough! If I top this with crumbled candy canes, a restaurant would charge $13 for that!
slow cooker soup
Slow-cooker, chicken noodle soup with carrots, celery and onions! Topped with grated cheese.
Italian mashed potatoes
Got a good deal on a 10 pound bag of potatoes (under $2). Creative recipes under way. This one is Italian mashed potatoes with parsley and grated Parmesan cheese. Delish!
The $16.95 haircut
I’m back getting my $16.95 haircuts. A good dab of hair gel on this and I’ll be good to go. No more dreaming of that $50 hair cut!



  1. You did good! So I stopped to think what was Bringing me frugal happiness this week while I ate my egg and English muffin at a cost of 13 cents thanks to Aldi eggs at 79 cents and a stop at Friehofer thrift store where I scored an 18 pk multigrain Thomas English muffin for a buck. Added Free chives from the garden and free Hellman mayo from the $20 free grocery coupon buying the $100 in gift cards. You can choose three items for three dollars, and I picked two new Arnold’s organic breads. Paid $3 for a Total Retail price around $15.
    Lunch and dinner meals. Three Turkey rice soup lunches. I also supplemented the free frozen turkey slices to make sandwiches and stir fry with a boneless pork roast (99 cents a pound that I made five dinner meals using 5 lbs potatoes , carrots, and peas, all gotten for free . My new go to dessert with my diet restrictions warm spiced apple slices ( $.99 for 3lbs)with whipped cream ( free) left over from Thanksgiving.
    Next, I picked up ( on my way to my daughters so no extra gas used) from my Macy’s store (shipping free) Easy Spirit boots that were reduced 30% with their Friends and Family sale with gift cards that I paid 23.5% discount from Stop and Shop promotion. So totally saved $8 shipping and 53.5% total.
    Lastly while I was paying my bills I collected $138 in rewards earned and set up automatic redemption to a money market account earning 1.6 % every time I accumulate $25 at the end of a month, so no longer have to call to get the rewards. I also used my rewards and discounted gift cards accumulated to purchase gifts at Amazon. Love love reward and discounts. I too am frugally happy! Sincerely, Lara


    • HI Lara. Whew! That’s a lotta frugal happiness. You lost me at ‘hello’. LOL!
      I called my frequent flyer charge card last week because each year they charge me a $40 fee. And each year I get it waived, so I don’t pay BUT I still get all the neat membership benefits i.e. extra points. The sales clerk told me if I spent $1000 over the next three months I’d get 5,000 more points. So, I paid all my bills with my card (I didn’t incur any debt, just paid my regular bills) and easily spent the $1,000. Also, I’m going to pay cash for the $288 airline ticket when I go to Florida because one of my benefits is double airline miles (or is it triple?) when I buy a ticket. I have to call them and ask). I’ve accumulated enough miles to go to Aruba. That’s after we go to Bermuda next year. I’m also interested in going to South America (instead of Aruba). I’ll see how it goes.
      Frugality is so much fun! And yes. It brings much happiness. You done good, girl!


  2. So if you don’t mind my asking which airline rewards card do you have? And what was the original bonus, and what is it’s rewards structure? That’s cool how you get them to waive the $40. I wish I could pay my bills using a credit card without any fees. Insurance was the only bill that I had known I could do that way but just called Comcast and there is no charge either so Cha- Ching !


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