No Woman In America Deserves To Be Treated Like This

I don’t care what this woman, a mother to a 1 year old son, did, no woman in America deserves to be treated like this.

This 23 year old mother, while holding her 1-year-old son (who might have weighed 30 pounds or so) was waiting on line at a Human Resource office in Brooklyn, NY. After 2 hours of standing on line, the mother asked for a seat or a chair. When told there was none available, the mother sat on the floor. The reason why the mother was originally waiting on the public assistance line was because she needed a day care voucher to have some one watch her son while she went to work, as a home cleaner. After standing in line for over two hours, the mother was tired. She needed a place to sit down. It’s tough for anyone to be holding a child for that long. So, she sat on the floor, while holding her place on line.


Apparently, the public assistance security guard came over to her and told her she couldn’t sit on the floor. He ordered her to stand. When she refused, the security guard demanded Headley leave “due to her disorderly conduct towards others, and for obstructing the hallway.” When that failed, they called 911.

The two-and-half-minute video posted to Facebook on Friday shows Headley (the 23-year-old mother) lying on the floor, surrounded by uniformed New York police officers and security guards. She holds her 1-year-old son firmly in her arms as the officers forcibly try to yank the child away. “They’re hurting my son,” she screams again and again. Unmoved, the officers keep on tugging. As onlookers gather around and begin filming the commotion, one officer pulls out a stun gun.

State Attorney General-elect Letitia James, who currently serves as New York City’s public advocate, said in a Sunday statement that the police officers’ actions had been “appalling and contemptible.” Calling for the officers to be put on desk duty while an investigation takes place, she wrote, “No mother should have to experience the trauma and humiliation we all witnessed in this video.”

Being poor is not a crime

There is someone to blame for this monstrous treatment of this young mother. No one is talking about it, but I will! I blame the mayor of NYC, Bill DeBlasio. He has been anti-police since the day he was put in to office over 5 years ago (DeBlasio is on his second, elected term). DeBlasio has been instrumental in lowering the requirements needed to be a uniformed NYPD police officer. The City Of New York is allowing any moron to get a badge and a gun nowadays and the decline is starting to show.

The days of the dedicated, outstanding Blue Bloods police officer, once internationally known as the nation’s finest, are long, long gone. Bill DeBlasio made sure of it. He has single-handedly destroyed the NYPD.

In the pre-DeBlasio days, the NYPD would have used their brains and spoken to the young mother. A female office would have been called in. Gotten both sides of the story. They never, never, never would have succumbed to physically ripping an infant out of the mother’s arms (unless the child was in danger).

Have you ever seen anything so appalling as the video I posted above? Have you ever seen such depraved human beings as these so-called NYPD officers? The mother and child are lucky to be alive; that the idiotic police officers didn’t accidentally kill the two of them. Do you know how many poor people have been accidentally killed by the New York police department? Too many to count!

i.e: Last July 17, 2014, Eric Garner, who was merely selling loose cigarettes on the streets of Staten Island was choked to death by NY police officers. You can read the story (click here). Garner was a married man, father of six children and yes, had a very long rap sheet. He was also overweight and had a heart condition. For police officers to jump him and choke hold him down onto the sidewalk, was deplorable. It is was against NYPD rules to choke hold anyone. Obviously, not anymore. Anything goes.

Here’s the tragic, painful-to-watch video of the taking down of Eric Garner. Look at the shabbily dressed, tattooed NYPD police officers. They look like criminals themselves! They’re reprehensible! This is what new recruits, under DeBlasio look like that are coming in to the police force.

I assure you that these events and others like it don’t have much to do with racism. It has to do with being poor and in need of the system or being in the system. When you have to beg for government assistance, you are at their mercy. On the one time I myself lost my job and had to apply for Unemployment Benefits, a rep from the UI office called my cell phone and left me a message to call him back by the end of the week. Well, I lost my job so I didn’t have money to pay my cell phone bill. It wasn’t till a few weeks later, when I did pay my bill that I got his second message. He told me that because I didn’t call back by the end of that week, I was going to be deducted 5 days UI pay. Can you imagine? Thank God I found another job. Thank God I didn’t need anything from the system!

NYC Mayor, Bill DeBlasio called Garner’s death a “terrible tragedy.” De Blasio, at a July 31 roundtable meeting in response to the death, convened with police officers and political activists, called upon mutual respect and understanding. On August 1, in a statement, the mayor urged all parties involved to create a dialogue, and find a path “to heal the wounds from decades of mistrust and create a culture where the police department and the communities they protect respect each other.” NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo said that New York State should consider appointing a special prosecutor to handle cases of alleged police brutality. He told CNN: “We have a problem. Let’s acknowledge it.”

Was the problem acknowledged? No police officers lost their jobs or were found guilty at trial of any wrong doings. You decide.

As to the young mother, Headley, who I have written about at the top of this blog post:

Ms. Headley was charged with resisting arrest, acting in a manner injurious to a child, obstructing governmental administration and trespassing. The police said she refused medical treatment for herself and her son, who was placed in the care of a relative.

She could not be reached for comment on Sunday because she was being held without bail on Rikers Island, according to online corrections records and Brooklyn Defender Services, the public defender organization representing her.

Deputy Commissioner Phillip Walzak, a police spokesman, said the officers involved are all assigned to the 84th Precinct and remained on full-duty status. He declined to give their names or say whether they followed department protocols, citing its investigation.

Let me repeat, this has NOTHING to do with the color of our skin. “They’re always rude,” Ms. Ferguson said about the guards in an interview. “They think that people that are poor don’t have nothing, so you can treat them any kind of way.”

What message would I like to say to women out there? Do whatever it is you can to educate yourself, get a good job, a good career, have a support system in place to help you, especially if you have children and do whatever you have to do to keep yourself off the government assistance roll calls. Do whatever it is you can to keep yourself from being poor. You don’t have to be rich. But you don’t have to be poor either.

On a personal note, this has always been my #1 fear. You might criticize me because I can be very cost conscious. Especially lately. I don’t want to wind up as a poor old lady in my later retirement years. It doesn’t take much to fall behind the cracks. Can you imagine what it must be like for a poor, broke elderly person living in America now?

Don’t imagine. Get smart about your money and your life. That’s the solution!




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