When Airlines Have A Sale

I just got an email notice that for 2 days only, my favorite airline had most of their flights go on sale, some for as low as $59 one way from (January 1st to March 3rd, if you booked within the two days). I logged on and voila, a few minutes later I had booked round trip tickets to Tampa Florida for only $184. I’ll be gone for the entire month of February which has always been for me the best time to be in Florida, because the northeast, where I live is the coldest in the month of February.

jet blue


I’ll be staying with my sister and within seconds she and I were already planning our itinerary for the month of February. We have a ton of places AND beaches we want to go to. Right off the bat, we’re going to a cocktail party at The Ringling Academy to celebrate some of my sister’s fabulous photography work.

Between you and I, I can’t wait to get the f**k outta here. I can’t believe I even lasted this long. I’m going to have to go back to the drawing board and solve this problem once and for all and come up with a solution. Nick didn’t want to go to Florida this year and made me cancel all of our previous reservations. He’s tired. I’m not! So, why do I have to suffer along with him? I’m still raring to go.

I told him if he pulls this same sh**t next year, I am either going to trade in my travel trailer for a van and drive down to Florida myself and live in the van as a beach bum in Key West. Or, I am going to pull half the money out of the savings account and buy myself a little studio apartment on the Atlantic Ocean side of Florida. You can still get some good deals @$65K.

My kids have pigeon holed me yet once again and are trying to make a round peg fit in a square hole. I can’t do it.

Yes! I want to run away. Again. And I am.

Side Note: I’m having a bad day. Excuse the rant. I’ll be fine in a few days. 😦



  1. There has got to be some way that you can spend the hard winter months in a warmer climate. Could you rent a studio apartment or even an Airbnb room for the midwinter months?


    • Florence I’m working on it right now. My husband finally truly see how I suffer. I gave it my best shot. Again. I’ve already started making calls to my old haunt Vero Beach. It’s quiet. Not too congested. I think I can handle it. For next year. I am either going to RV for 3 months or rent a one bedroom condo.
      Nailing it!!


  2. I thought you had plans to use your RV in Florida next year. I thought this year was just to give your husband a rest. Even with having a place to stay and cheaper plane tickets Florida can be very expensive. You are living on a tight budget.

    By staying home this year you are giving your husband and your daughters and their families a gift. You are making them happy. That is a great reward.

    February is the worse month. The weather in Florida is usually great in February, so one month is nice. You are lucky you can afford to go for one month. Count your blessings.

    We again will be in Florida in February. We are lucky we can afford it as well.



    • Hi Sue. Thankfully, I’m staying with my sister for the month of February. I don’t know what I would have done without her!
      I was upset yesterday. I was having a very bad day. I hurt my back at my first day at the gym and the pain was out of this world. So, I was just lashing out.
      I’m much better today. More calm and relaxed. And thinking straight. My husband did some research and found some nice RV parks in Vero Beach that weren’t too expensive. He’s not too keen on the state parks not having sewer service. It’ll be a lot of extra work for him. But once I went over the budget with him again, it’s apparent that we can really only afford state parks. Luckily, some Florida state parks have full hook ups, still at the $24 a night price point. I’m going to look for those for next year. Skipping a year for us was a good financial boon. It is helping us a lot to get our finances under control.
      I know my daughters are very happy I am finally back home with them for this past Thanksgiving and upcoming Christmas season. I don’t think I will ever be away during these holidays ever again.
      Yesserrieeeeee….February is the most brutal month up here in the north. I am so happy I am at least spending that month in Florida. And yes, you’re fortunate also. The two worst months of the year are February (too cold) and August (too hot). As long as I can get those two months covered, I’m golden.
      Have fun! I’ll be thinking of you!
      Thanks for your comment.


  3. Hi Cindi, Have you recover from your back injury? I sometimes do to much lifting and suffer muscle pains for days, we are just not use to are bodies getting older while are minds remember what are limits were before.
    This and many of your other blog entry screams to me a common problem couples have when you are both retired- conflict of what you want to do and whose wishlist is prioritizes, and where you spend your discretionary money. You have plenty of time but Anger often sets in because there is not enough moola.And when health issues enter the picture do you give into your partners wishes and forego your own without feeling bitterness. Lara


    • Lara, I finally went to the gym and on a treadmill. I should have started off with 30 minutes but did 45 instead. At an incline. I was fine that day afterwards but the next and still to today, I’m crippled. And I have to babysit! Oh well.
      As to my husband, because of his heart condition, he can die at any time. His scenario is more typical of retirement: you work hard all your life, you retire and then die almost immediately. I’m not even certain of he is going to make it to collect his social security.
      So, yes I give in to his wishes. he gets whatever he wants. Which over time makes me furious because I’M NOT SICK. but I’m forced to live as if I am and it’s infuriating! He told me we’d do all the things I wanted to do after we retired. Well? Now we’re retired and we really can’t do or go anywhere. He can’t be far from his doctors, he can’t fly for long periods of time….yada, yada, yada.


  4. I hear ya! Been there had the same promises, excuses and what’s the rush to do things ., I wanted to do like Paris. Eighteen months and then he was sick. Lara


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