Saving A Whole Lot Of Grocery Money At The Semi-Annual Can Can Sale.

For the past 45 years Shop Rite has been starting off the New Year with their semi-annual Can Can Sale. That’s when most Shop Rite or brand named canned foods go on a massive sale. The second sale is the first two weeks of July.


I’ve been going to Shop Rite’s Can Can sale since 1987 twice a year, with no end in sight. I buy enough canned goods, that I normally would use over the next 6 months, and stock up. That would be a case each of Tuttorosso tomatoes (crushed and plum) @.69 cents each, 6 gallons of extra virgin Olive Oil @$9.99 each, Ronzoni pasta @.59 a box, canned peas and canned corn for only .35 cents a can, 10 cans of Bumble Bee tuna fish @.89 a can, cases of assorted Shop Rite beans (chick peas, canellini, kidney) @ .50 cents a can…..well, you get the idea. I get olives, mushrooms, low-salt chicken broth, low-salt soups, 100% fruit juices as well as toilet paper, laundry detergent and dog food; enough to last me at least six months.

The sale is for two weeks and I go both weeks. My total this week came to $228.31 but because of the Can Can sale, I got a discount of $97.78 which brought my total down to $130.53. That’s almost a savings of $100! Not bad. I store everything in my pantry and a special set of shelves I set up in my basement. Don’t complain if you have no room because you do. There is always room under your bed!


When my kids lived at home, we used to all make the trip to our local Shop Rite (it was an hour away!) It was always a fun, all-day event! My kids had a blast. We would stock up on peanut butter, fruit juice boxes and whatever snacks they would pack in their school lunch buckets. Everything was on sale. It was good to instill the love of saving money at a very young age to my daughters. It’s a tradition that they still carry on with their own families!

To find a Shop Rite store near you, click on this link. For their circular, click here.

Here’s a current advertisement Shop Rite has been airing:

Here’s my current basement stash of Italian canned tomatoes (makes a fantastic sauce) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The canned tomatoes normally sell at $1.45 per can. I got them for .69 cents each when you buy 12 (a case). We use four cans per month. The olive oil normally sells for $15 a can. On sale, I got them for $9.99. We use about one can per month. Happy Shopping and Healthy Eating!

my stash


  1. Bummer, I don’t have a Shop-rite near me. But GREAT sales, for sure! When I go to NY to visit my parents, I buy Pastene tomatoes. LOVE them. They don’t sell them in VA. I’ll have to ask my Mom when they go on sale. .69 is AMAZING.


    • Pastene tomatoes are plentiful in Brooklyn, that’s for sure! I haven’t heard that name in ions. Shop Rite is a great store. Their sales can’t be beat. Oh well.


  2. Way to be a frugal shopper! We don’t have one of those stores here, and Mr. does the shopping as needed. I do know that isn’t cost effective, but damn delicious meals come from his efforts…so, hmm…I’ll suggest he scope out sales at our local places. Great post, Cindi!


    • Thanks Shelley. My hubby loves to come shopping with me. Go figure! He says it’s the best part of his week. Never knew I was so much fun. I’ve got it down to a science and we have a blast. I know. I know. We’re nutsos. LOL


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