Meeting My First Big Financial Purchase Of The New Year.

Well, that didn’t take long. What is it? The 3rd of January and I had to face a large-item purchasing decision that had been plaguing me all of 2018? The big-ticket item was my bed. Or better yet, my mattress. I re-decorated my bedroom in 2018 (after last decorating it in 2002) Almost everything in the room is brand new except my mattress. Back in 2003 hubby and I bought a generic TempurPedic ($1599 for both pieces) mattress set and after sixteen years, it’s replacement time had come. Normally, you’re supposed to replace a mattress after 10 years or more, which I know can be stretched. So, during the re-decorating I promised myself that if and when our current mattress failed or caused any back problems, I would buy a new one.

Here’s the comparison of my 2001 Master Bedroom (don’t laugh!) to my 2018 Master Bedroom:

Please be advised that over the latter years of the life of our TempurPedic, hubby and I did utilize many options to prolong the life of the mattress. We turned it every six months or so. We vacuumed it often. I used a mattress cover at all times. We bought a new base when the original one split in two (yes, it did!). For the last three years I have had to sleep upside down (reversed) on the mattress. Since I am a side sleeper and hubby is a back sleeper, the mattress never bothered him. But it was starting to bother me. Or my back, that is.

I woke up on January 2, 2019 with a side backache that was out of this world! After taking several Advils and prescription Robaxins, I was still crippled. There was just no way around it anymore. No more excuses. We needed a new bed. And quickly! The only good saving grace right now is that it was still considered the New Year Discount Shopping Holiday Sale time, so I had a very good chance of buying a mattress at a very good price.


Two years ago, hubby and I bought a fantabulous (it’s a word, trust me!) Serta Perfect Sleeper for our Florida Condo. It was their 80th Anniversary model and it was the bomb! I was able to buy a firm, queen sized, pillow top mattress and box spring for only $629 (tax included with free shipping and removal of the old mattress) but duh? we didn’t have an old mattress since we were starting from new.

Man oh man, did I love this mattress. It was like a dream every night sleeping on it. Unfortunately, when we sold the condo, the bed went along with it. But no worries, thought I. I can always buy another one, since I knew which model it was. WRONG!

Here’s a pic of my most beautiful, Florida condo, Master Bedroom:

my new blue bedroom
Waaaaaaaaaa! I want this bedroom back!

Hubby and I, of course did our due diligence looking at mattresses online, plus I made a few phone calls. It was going to be very difficult to buy another 80th Anniversary Mattress since it was already two years old. I had a $500 to $600 budget cost in my mind but that quickly evaporated when I started looking at mattress prices. Buying another TempurPedic or Air Sleep Number Bed was totally out of our current budget. Our best bet was to go to a discount mattress showroom vs an expensive furniture showroom.

We decided to go to Mattress Firm (which was formerly Sleepys, remember them?) because #1 they were still having a big sale and #2 they were close by. The big sale was that you had a choice: you can buy a big mattress and pay the price of a smaller mattress, which in our case would be a queen sized mattress and pay the twin pricing. Or you could get an free electric mattress base (to raise & lower your mattress) up to a $650 value, depending on which mattress model you purchased.

It didn’t take me long to figure out the stores angle. There’s always an angle. The prices of the mattresses were all inflated. Yeah, I could get a queen sized, brand name mattress priced at $899 for only $699 (the twin price) but guess what? The queen sized mattress was really $699 to begin with anyway, with or without any sale. The real bargain was the electric adjustable base. If you got the free base, you wouldn’t need the box spring base mattress….that’s a savings of at least $200 to $300! Also, I kinda like the adjustable electric mattress base because now, you can watch TV in bed comfortable AND have breakfast in bed without making a mess. Who wouldn’t love doing that?

Anyway, hubhy and I tried out each and every bed. I am sure we drove the salesperson mad BUT we were the only people in the whole store so we took our time! I don’t think potential shoppers are buying mattresses right now, anyway. Especially right after Christmas, and in January when all those holiday bills start rolling in. I could tell the salesperson was ready to make some deals.

Naturally, of course, DH and I came to a mutual decision that the mattress we wanted (and tested out on my current ailing back) was almost the most expensive mattress in the store. Other than the mattress having human horse hair, the top Beauty Rest mattress we selected alone was $1200. SAY WHAT? That was a very far cry from the $600 budget I had in mind. If we chose to include the box spring bottom mattress, the price would drop to $800 BUT we’d have to cough up an additional $300 for the box spring bottom mattress bringing the total outlay of money to $1100.

Aren’t mattress stores wiseguys?

The salesperson seeing our hesitation said he would give us free VIP delivery, a $149 value, whereby the old mattresses would be taken out and the new mattresses would be delivered and set up at no additional charge. Duh? I said to him. We always got that for nothing anyway. True, he said. But that never included setting up the new mattresses. True, I said. True.

Hubby and I just sat there, at the salesperson’s desk discussing, quite loudly, about getting back in the car and driving to the furniture outlet and looking at their mattresses. This is when I asked the salesperson about the free, electric adjustible mattress base. He showed me a demonstration, using the mattress we were contemplating on buying and I loved the set up. The electric base was $500 ($499 to be exact) and we would get it for free. In the interim, I was on my iPhone, and don’t ask me why, but I was looking up the price of the base on Mattress Firm’s website. For some reason I thought the base was $650.

Anyway, I noticed on the company’s website that if I ordered the mattress we were contemplating buying online, the cost was only $999. (The base was indeed $499 and free). When I mentioned this, a bit firmly, to the salesperson, he said he would honor the internet price and sold me the mattress for only $999, a savings to me of $200! in addition to the $499 free base and the $149 VIP free delivery value. That equals $848 I didn’t have to spend.

bed price

WAIT! The story doesn’t end here. The salesperson, being of good diligence asked if we wanted to finance the mattress purchase at zero interest. This perked my ears because y’all know me and how I adore zero financing. Originally, I was going to charge the bed on DH’s frequent flyer mileage card to get the free miles and then transfer the balance over to a zero interest charge card for 12 months. But the salesperson was offering me 24 interest free months. Next month I’m finished paying off my zero-interest iPad (@$64 over 5 months) and I’ll have room in the budget for taking on the new mattress zero-interest payment of $46 with no fluctuations in our monthly budget obligations at all! First payment is due next month….how convenient.

So, there you have it. No money down. No fluctuation in our budget. Yes, I spent more than I wanted to ($1078.92) BUT I’m getting a whole new, different approach to our sleeping comforts. An adjustable, comfy, firm, pillow-top mattress (15 inches total) is the perfect thing for DH and I, as we are aging and we want more comfort and back support. (Plus I want breakfast in bed while I watch the morning news shows!)

Our new mattress was delivered at noon the next day. It was painless. The delivery people were professional. They set up my new bed and the new electric adjustible bed. They took away and disposed of our old mattress and box spring and viola’:


No more messy dust ruffles. Our new bed and base are modern. I’m going to have to figure out how to dress the new look. I’ve been looking on Pinterest and the new modern beds are made up with the sheet and top blanket tucked in completely. Since right now we are utilizing an electric blanket (hey! It’s cold up here in the northeast) I’ll hold my decorating prowess till the early spring.

As of now, I’m loving our new bed. And so is my saving account. I didn’t have to touch a penny! (Note: I do not utilize zero-interest financing nor any borrowing unless I have the cash available in my savings account first. If DH or I should ever run in to financial trouble paying off the financing in a timely manor, we have our savings account to fall back on.)

I have to figure out how to make up our new bed with this new base. Also, I raised our head space up a bit. I like sleeping like this (no snoring……ahem….DH!) The green velvet/fleece electric blanket was a freebie warranty exchange and at a replacement cost of $215, I think we’ll tolerate the un-matching color for now.



    • Hi Sharon. It’s made of solid steel and Nicky approved! The platform that the mattress sits on is solid wood however. It’s electric and can go up or down, utilizing about 50 positions. There are many different models, more expensive, of course. The only difference was the more costly models had velour around them. Totally unnecessary. Those cost $650. Our base model was $500 ($499)
      Shop around, however. I’m certain many other stores carry them. If not, try Mattress Firm. They may have offices in your dad’s area. Good luck. Let me know how it turns out.


    • Thanks Shelley. I remember a short time ago, you and your hubby were looking at and eventually buying a new mattress. It’s never fun but rewarding in the end.


  1. Absolutely love my Beautyrest premier pillow top firm mattress. I lucked out I told my furniture salesman to call me when the set went on sale below $500 and he said they were due for a mattress sale after the New Year. Picked it up for $450 including tax ,free delivery next day, delivery, and mattress removal because they honored the sale price and a 20% customer appreciation coupon he had sent me after buying my living room furniture! Lara


    • Lara, you have got too be the best, best, best of all the best! You rock lady. And we have yet another thing in common: we both are sleeping on a BeautyRest. So far, so good!
      Thanks, as always for sharing your shopping adventures with me!


  2. My aunt taught me to find a furniture salesman and be nice and create a relationship and make him a partner in your decorating needs. Always say is there any other discount I qualify for. And is that the best you can do? Be willing to walk away. She also said name a price on the current purchase you be willing to take it. Dangle a future sake that you’d be willing to buy something again from them and a price you want to pay.I have saved a ton of money this way.Lara


  3. I am definitely on a roll in 2019, after all the problems I had in the last six months of 2018.
    My dermatologist said you have become one of my favorite patients along with my nurses. I like that you Engage in intelligent conversation and remember i have a daughter and grandson, in Maryland, You’re Friendly, complimentary and one of a very few patients that willingly let someone go ahead of them. I follow in my parents footsteps.
    Financially The stocks I did the Roth conversion have gained $3000 besides the dividends they will throw off. Also, in less then one week I have gone positive on my 2018 .37% loss. The week was absolutely crazy! I
    forgot to mention before , that I love high dividend paying stocks and preferred stocks because they pay cash in monthly, quarterly, or semi annually and even if their price is down. There are individual bank bonds paying twice as much interest as the callable CD s. They fluctuate in price and right now their cheaper so paying 7.35 to 8.5%. My REITs average is 12%.. All of these accumulate cash in my accounts that Can be spent or reinvested and my favorite account is my Roth IRA because it does not count towards taxation of Social Security. And is tax free. Lara

    Liked by 2 people

    • “And is tax free”should have said it’s future growth meaning interest, dividends, capital gains accumulate and are tax free when distributed. The principal is taxed in the year it’s contributed. The younger generation who retire early and are using Roth conversions to transfer tax deferred 401k and Traditional IRA minimizing future taxes, RMD, and starting a greater stream of tax free growth are wicked smart. Money magazine Jan/Feb 2019 issue page 25 “Don’t Miss This Key Tax Deadline A surprising number of people approach retirement unaware of required minimum distributions” (RMD) from traditional IRA-start the year you turn 70 1/2 even if you’re still working.
      I knew about RMD and the tax torpedo so I started small Roth conversions before I got my government widow pension at 60. However, My Reasoning after 60, I was just returning government money to pay the taxes due on my tax deferred savings. 2018 With the new lower tax brackets, I decided to accelerate the conversion and thus increase my Roth account yearly gains. The amazing thing is this Roth income stream can easily make up the difference between taking Social Security early and waiting till later. The power of reinvesting the gains and its compounding inside the Roth is so incredible if you have the self control to live for awhile without tapping the Roth. I have four more years to do larger Roth conversions because when I turn 70 I can not put the RMD into a Roth. The math and possibilities is incredible! I know you put all your retirement money originally in Roth’s but this could be mathematically even better for baby boomers who have used tax deferred 401k or traditional IRA.
      Sincerely, Lara


      • I did laddered ROTH IRA’s. Now, each year, one is coming due which is a big help now to my cash flow. Who knew? I never liked the traditional ROTH’s. At one point Nick had a 401K but that was long liquidated a while ago. My brother told me when he calculated how much he paid in fees on his 401K when he turned 70 the total came to $150,000. No thanks!
        Thank you again Lara for you valuable information. Hope fellow retirees are reading and learning.


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