Good Health. At Half Price.


Check your local listings BUT vitamins are on a half-price sale for the rest of this week. Right now, our local Shop Rite is offering many brands at 50% off. If you rely on vitamins, such as I do, for your continual good health, now may be a good time to stock up on your favorite brands.

Me? I’m a gummy nut. I love gummy vitamins. They’re fun to chew and easy to swallow, thus guaranteeing I get my good health boosts daily. I’m especially in to Vitamin C right now as our cold and flu season drags on. Knock on wood, hubby and I got our flu shots this year PLUS we’ve been taking our daily vitamins, as shown above (hubby takes a Multi-For-Him plus CO-Q-10 for a healthy heart) and so far neither one of us have gotten sick. Yay!

Here’s a copy of our sales receipt. We purchased $95.66 worth of product and only paid $47.06, thus saving ourselves $48.60. I made a space on one of our cabinet shelves to store all the vitamins. It should last us a few months before we need to replenish.


As I mentioned in a previous post (click here), Shop Rite is having a store wide sale on all brand named vitamins. But that doesn’t mean your store isn’t having a sale. Check your weekly flyers (vitamins are usually buried in the back pages) or pick up a copy of your fave store pamphlets. I’m certain some store in your area is having a similar sale.

Here’s to your Happy Health!

The shelves at Shop Rite were stocked!


  1. Happy Sunday! I was at ShopRite yesterday saved 66% on a $100 total. They had the Ronzoni pasta at this week price of 49 cents instead of 59 cents. My Discover More card is giving 5% off groceries from January 1 to Match 31 so I am using this credit card now.
    Gasoline prices are so crazy here. I was going to my Grandkids sporting event and three gas stations had the price of $2.17 and then I got another eleven cents off a gallon with my rewards card. Seriously, I think it was 2006 the last time I paid around $2.00 a gallon and that was in Ohio! Where there is no 39 cents in state taxes! What’s everyone else paying for a gallon of gas in your area? We range from $2.89 to this $2.17 a gallon for regular!
    Great deals on vitamins, I also supplement with organic flaxseed oil for the Omega 3 for my 💜. Sincerely, Lara


    • We’ve been paying about $2.35 for gas, which is good. That’s fantastic on the Ronzoni Pasta! I did buy a few more boxes but I don’t think I got it at that low price!
      We got a fill up on propane. The price came down considerably. Nice.


  2. I am taking all of the same vitamins and minerals but not in gummy form. Oh, I much prefer gummy because it makes being healthier more fun. Wish we had Shop Rite drugs. We are sorely lacking in grocery stores and pharmacies; left pretty much to the mercy of Walmart for both.


    • Hi Leslie (see? I know who you are!!) WalMart sells all of the brands I bought but at a little bit higher price. best part of my day is in the morning when I sit down and take ALL my gummies. Yay! Eating candy that’s healthy for me. Killing two birds with one stone! LOL.
      Thanks for your comment.


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