Preparing For The Upcoming Winter Snow Storm

Looks like the snow storm that is expected to hit us tonight, around 5PM, is going to be a big one. The weather people always say that and then the storm is a fizzle. I think, however, this time they just may be on to something. We’re expected to get up to 10 inches of snow! We’ve already contacted our snow removal guy. We’re third on his list, so it might be a long wait before our driveway is cleared and we get access to our vehicles. or even just be able to get out of the house!


The big problem is that the snow may turn to rain overnight and if it does, that means we wake up on Sunday morning to ice!  With expected high winds, it will be just a matter of time till we lose our electricity. Been there. Done that. Hubby made sure our generator is ready and fueled. We also make sure we have cash on hand because should the power go down locally, we may not have purchasing power with a charge card.

Our generator can power up our heat, pump water up our well, power up the TV and streaming internet and just about keep some lights on and give us access to the microwave. I’ve been busy preparing meals that can be warmed up in our microwave (because the stove will not work). Realistically, all we need is heat and water and a hot cup of coffee in the morning. We”ll be fine. So long as a tree doesn’t befall us.

Truthfully, I’m getting sick and tired of all of this. I had thought we had all of this behind us, but I must be wrong. The recent set backs have us standing on square one. Again. What’s the expression? “Never give up?” Today’s not the day to ask me that question.

I’ll try to keep y’all posted. It may be a while. Wish us luck.


  1. They push back the start of the storm by three hours to 9PM here and by 1AM it’s switching to rain, so predicting less snow maybe two to four inches and by morning we may not even have any left. Went through the check list filling the tub, dispersing my candle and matches, new batteries for the flashlights and charging the laptop, cell phone, IPad and two 30 hr power packs my daughter gave me for Christmas. I finished getting the wood in and have the three thermos to fill coffee, hot water, and turkey orzo soup. It’s looking more like icing problems and that will keep me from driving anywhere. Keeping the heat at 72 overnight just in case We lose electricity the house will still be warm when I venture from my bed before I start a fire later in the day. All the fear and build up helps the grocery stores for sure- everyone had full carts coming into the parking lots on the local noon news. It always amazes me that people don’t have enough in their pantry to carry them through a storm. Sincerely, Lara

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  2. We got the 10 inches last weekend, and it is slowly melting. I was so impressed with the plowing, school was only out for 1 day. Totally unheard of in the past. 10 inches usually brought everything to a grinding halt here in Virginia, but they may finally have it right. 🙂
    Stay warm! Spring is coming. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. 🙂


    • Yes spring is coming. If I can even remember what spring is. LOL! We got a few inches and it was all handible by hubby. He did a great job clearing off everything. No need to hire any outside assistance. All good!


  3. I ended up getting only two inches of snow and it turned to sleet then freezing rain. The trees and all over has a layer of a half inch of ice and we are still getting freezing rain. The roads are treacherous! So how is your area?


    • We only got a few inches which Nick took care of pronto. He fixed up our snow blower (after not being used for 4 years) and he was able to clear out our driveway and create a walkway for us. Except for the $35 he spent on getting a few parts, we didn’t have to hire the contractor (at $100+)
      We had freezing rain pour down on us after the initial snow. I never felt anything so horrid! Brutal. But we got through it. Now, tomorrow the temps are going to dip to -1………UGH! I am NOT looking forward to that! Thankfully we just got a full tank of propane ($948.28 which the propane company says we can pay off in three installments!!) so, we are all set! Fingers crossed we don’t lose power. If so, our generator is all set to go. Plus I pre-made another lasagna and beef stew. We’re good.


      • Pete my plow guy charges only $35 and shovels my sidewalk to my garage door pots sand on the driveway too. It was heavy slush and ice on top before dawn and two of my neighbors hired him because their snowblowers wouldn’t have worked here.
        The wind is blowing ice chunks off my roof making a lot of noise right now. Lara

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  4. Stay warm my friend and it is a great time to fill the propane tank and your lucky you can divide it into three payments. Do they charge interest or a service fee to do that? Lara


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