Waking Up To Zero

This is a rant.

When we arose this morning, the temperature outside was 0F degrees. Brrrrr, that sure is cold. I haven’t been out of the house for fear of enduring the frigid weather. Even our dog rushes out and just as fast comes back inside the house when it’s time for her to do her constitution. No matter what we do or what we wear, we just can’t seem to get warm right now! As much as I love my home in the Hudson Valley, no amount of love should make me endure what I can not stand. Weather wise that is.

The weather pattern is insane. Hopefully the rain on Wednesday will wash all of this away!

For me, it’s back to the drawing board. I have to find another solution to resolve our frigid wintertime endurances. I thought I had it all licked last year with a condo in Florida. That didn’t quite work out. Lately, I’ve been thinking outside the box. Lots of American retirees settle down in Panama. To take up residence in Panama, all you need to prove is that you receive $1,000 a month in retirement funds, and you’re in like flint. The cost of living is cheap in Panama plus they take the all American dollar. No need to do any fund exchanges.

In the interim, 20 more days and I’ll be in Florida. Hubby won’t. He wanted a break. I think now he’s regretting that choice. Both of us had forgotten just how brutal the winters can be up here. And how expensive. Just got a full tank of propane to heat the house at $948.28.  Oops. That hurts. We keep the indoor temp at 68F during the day, 65F at night and we sleep under an electric blanket set at medium! Also, the property taxes are due mid-February in the amount of $1743.58. Ugh, I feel my pain. Throw in the $756 we spent on thermal winter clothing and I’m not seeing any benefit staying here in the winter. It really was cheaper for us to spend two or three months down in Florida when you spreadsheet it out.

We got snow drifts up to a few feet. My statue of David wishes he were back in sunny Florence, Italy!
Do you think we own enough boots to trudge through the snow? We’ve got shoes for mud, sleet, rain and snow. Do you know how long it takes us to put on our outterwear? It’s exhausting!
living room
I have to keep all the curtains drawn so the cold air doesn’t come in the house! Where is the sunshine????
food pantry
I have to keep the pantry stocked for fear of blizzards and power outages. This doesn’t include my basement stash!
pot roast
I have to cook lots of hearty meals to get us through the day!

Back to Square One.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and just try again. You have to pick yourself up and give it another go around. And that’s what I’ve been working on lately. This is NOT the way I want to live. I’m not living my true authentic life and its starting to bug me. Even if I have to go solo, I have to go back to the drawing board and find a solution to this wintertime delemma. I feel that we missed so many opportunities along the way that it just may not be feasible for us to do anything anymore other than endure. We’ll see.

As God is my witness, next winter I will be in Key West. My inner beach bum is calling me and I need to answer.





  1. I asked Alexa what’s the temperature in Higganum ct. Reply -2 degrees. I will never be in New England again in winter and I hope you won’t be either. It is amazing how many people are at my rv campground solo.Spouse didn’t want to come so they came alone. Something you really need to think about. Absence makes the heart grow fonder…. or something like that !


  2. I can’t stand to be cold either so I completely understand. Can you drive the trailer down to warmer climes by yourself? Could you rent something in Florida and just drive yourself down there?
    I hope you can figure out a plan for next year so that you don’t have to go through this again.
    Best wishes for a speedy escape!!


    • Thanks Florence. It’s really really cold. Ugh. I can’t drive the trailer by myself. Hard to hook up and tow it. If my husband can’t or won’t go next year I willl trade the trailer in for a van that I can sleep cook and shower in. They’re more plentiful now. I can handle that.
      I’ll be in Florida at my sisters in another two weeks. I need to hold on till then.


  3. Yep, yep, yep. I knew you would be missing your beautiful condo (although not the smoke part). I’m making sure we have enough money in retirement to winter in the south for three months at a time. It’s not the cold that bothers me (although I prefer it being warm), it’s that lack of light. I use light therapy to get me through these dark days of winter, as well as pop a 5000 mg of Vitamin D.
    S.A.D. is real, and there is something to be said for sunshine, for sure.
    In the interim, I warm myself up with a super hot bath. You may want to try that when you can’t warm up. Also, your dinners look AMAZING. January is almost over, February is short and March starts Spring. It won’t be long now. Only 20 days for you!!
    Hang in there! it’ll go fast!

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    • Thank heavens we live in the Hudson Valley. It’s always sunny here all year long. Last week I sat on my deck in the sun. It was lovely. I needed that!
      Supposed to warm up by this weekend. 40s hopefully. Right now, with the wind chill it’s 15 below zero. Ugh.
      I’m going to solve this problem Sharon. Somehow. Some way.


  4. Ah, some temperatures relief today. I open my curtain and shades and enjoyed my morning coffee in the sunshine on my face through the window. Later I will sun in my bathing suit covered body on my guest bed that’ position to take advantage of where the sun comes in the room. Nature infusion of vitamin D and right now the room is 79 degrees because of this sunlight.
    I stockpile the same foods as you from ShopRite because of the fantastic prices just like all the other seasons when the price is right- cheap, I can resist spending going out to restaurants because of freezer meals or making multiple servings when I cook with the stockpile. There are few meals that I have eaten out that are worth the price that they are charging now. There is so many other things to spend this money on.
    Xfinity is giving me a thank you with free streaming movies for a week starting Sunday- perfect timing, Life is Good, Snuggled in till Wednesday forty degree temperatures, I believe keeping the house warm makes all the difference to enjoying the ice covered outside and being retired nothing forces me to travel. Lots of really enjoyable indoor activities to while away my snowbound days. Call me crazy but since I hire help for the physical tasks and keep my home the temperatures that I am comfortable I enjoy all four seasons.
    Sincerely, Lara


    • Hi Lara. You’re very lucky that you can tolerate staying inside. I can’t. I’m an outside girl and I detest snow. I hate what it feels like on my body, when it gets inside your boots or gloves. Ugh. Yuck!
      I hear ya about the sun though! It’s beautifully sunny today and I have all the curtains open. My kitchen is the best place for the sun. Unfortunately right now I can’t open up the sliding glass doors because there’s a ton of snow leaning up against them. Yuck!
      It’s supposed to rain two days here this week with temps reaching up into the 40’s. Sounds like a plan to have Mother nature wash away all this snow. Fingers crossed!


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