Hiking The Frozen Tundra.

Hubby got his ham license recently and was invited today to join with his fellow hamsters (is that what you call them?) for their annual roll call. Don’t ask me what these things mean. I just know that hubby got himself a less expensive hobby than sailing, so he has my blessing. The roll call lasts 24 hours and is outdoors for most of the experience (no thanks). With outdoor temps reaching a high of only 18F degrees today, DH and I just gave his newfound club a 20 minute visit. That’s all! The location was up in the boondocks, in a forest preserve, with no electricity (they had 3 generators) and lots of frozen lakes surrounding them. (PS: no bathrooms, so be extra careful at night!)

Here’s the little shack 6 guys were sharing. No thanks!

It was great to be out hiking today but seriously, after 30 minutes or so, we needed to get back inside (despite being well dressed for the cold). Here are some quick photos I snapped of hubby and the other fellow ham operators. Looks like they were all in to it. DH and I said our hellos and then we were outta there! (we did clock 2 miles!)

Click on any photo to enlarge.


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