Things To Do During The Polar Vortex

I’m sure you have heard that “Baby, it’s cold outside” has become a household sentence, thanks to the brutal Polar Vortex sweeping over the top half of America right now. I’m no exception. The last few days have seen my outside temperatures dip below zero. Like 5F degrees below zero. Right now, my legs are huddled up to the space heater, otherwise it would be impossible for me to sit at my desk and type this post! My house is expertly insulated BUT it can’t stand up to the howling, bitter winds blowing outside my window. Right now, living in this house feels like living inside an ice cube. The center is warm but I am surrounded by freezing cold.

My knees up against the space heater. Yup! It’s THAT cold!

Rather than lament, DH and I decided to just make the best of it. Right after it snowed, DH did all the snow plowing himself. He didn’t want to call in the guy who usually does it because he didn’t want to shell out the hundred of dollars the guy demands. Since this is our first winter up north in so many years, so far we’ve been hit with a $956 propane heating bill, an additional $372 electric bill and a $600 food bill! We don’t need any more expenses.

back deck snow
To give you an idea of the amount of snow, this is my back deck, with my lounge chair almost submerged in snow, which is higher than my garden statue!

So, what have we been doing to whittle away our time as we await the Polar Vortex to pass through our area? #1 we’ve been reading. #2 we’ve been binge watching Netflix. For some strange reason DH and I are in to British crime/police series shows and have been watching excellent, edge-of-your-seat murder mysteries. I highly recommend Bodyguard, River, Happy Valley, Luther, Paranoid…..just to name a few. The Brits specialize in well written and well acted murder mysteries, for sure. Just be aware that British actors must be difficult to come by because the same stars appear over and over again in all the different series. We did watch the 5th season of Grace & Frankie but it sucked. If I laughed just once, I laughed too much. Yes, it was that ridiculous.

The other thing we have been doing is cooking. Obviously. Tonight is pizza night but here are some photos of what’s been brewing this past week:

Lastly, I’m furious that DH wasn’t able to get my RV inside the barn. I paid $50,000 cash for that barn, out of my own money and DH has taken it over. It’s filled to the gills with all his masculine crap, including a 2000 Cherokee Jeep that needs a new engine which DH will never be able to do! I’ve threatened to contact Kars For Kids and donate the Cherokee just to have them come and haul it out of here so there’d be room for my RV. Instead, DH sold it BUT they haven’t come to pick it up yet. So, here’s my poor little RV shivering and freezing outside in the cold:

barn in snow
Look closely to the right of the barn. There’s my poor little RV shivering in this bitter cold!

No worries. This is how I am getting even with my DH! I’ve been busy all morning booking vacations and RV trips. I scored a big one for next January! A full month on the beach, Atlantic Ocean side of Florida at a state park! My main goal is to score big on Key West but that’s been tough to do. So far. Those sites sell out quick but I think I’m getting the hang of it. My goal of being a beach bum next winter is well on it’s way. DH and I had to take this winter off in order to catch up and regroup.

I’m making up for lost time!

I’m racking the vacations up and posting them on my bulletin board!

And if you think I haven’t been moving my body but just sitting around, watching TV and eating lovely dinners, think again! I’ve been walking my butt off (at least 1 mile a day) with this great walk-in-place workout video on YouTube. Try it. I dare you to last the whole 15 minutes!





  1. Yep baby it’s cold outside here too. Haven’t been outside since Wednesday afternoon and getting ready to venture out this afternoon at 17 degrees to watch my grandkids. I did a little inside walking and exercise. Also busy checking out vacation cost with which travel cards to get to pay my estimated taxes. (Thanks Go Curry Cracker). I like rewards credit card comparison tool. I thought you weren’t doing state parks because of the upfront cost and no sewer hookup?
    Stay warm. Sincerely, Lara


    • Nick said he would forgo the sewer prob if I can get a booking on the beach. Which I did. I made a score. The main goal is key west. I’m going to keep trying. We’ll stay at an RV Park in between.
      We forgoed traveling this year to catch up. I’m spending next years travel budget now. We cashed in a $6000 CD for 2019 year and that’s the money that I’m using.


  2. I’m counting the days til Spring…49 to be exact. But it’s going to hit the 60’s next week so I’m super excited about that. 🙂 There’s nothing better than planning vacations…I LOVE them. 🙂

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    • Hi Sharon. It’s going to be in the 50’s here in another two days or so. Isn’t this just crazy?? We’re home today but tomorrow I;m busting out of here! Who’d a thunk that 20s to 30s would be downright tropical! LOL.
      Getting super excited about next years travel. I scored some good sites! Yay me!


  3. We made it down to Florida yesterday, leaving the Chicago area at minus 23 degrees three days ago. We left our son to handle our place. The driving trip is long and I can no longer take too much traffic. On the way down we saw all of the devastation as they were cleaning up in Panana City, Mexico Beach and beyond. It has been cool down here so we will see if I get to swim. My bike is in the van and I will go for a ride today. Thank you for hint about the YouTube video. Good luck surviving the winter. Keep up the pictures! Sue


    • Hi Sue. I’m right behind you! Chicago must have been brutal. So happy you made it down. I’m certain it’s way better than Chicago!! LOL. Hope you get to swim soon. Enjoy your bike! Thanks for your comment.


  4. It was -34 below in my parts! The thing you forgot to mention is how many calories you were burning by shivering. It’s impressive how calorie burning intense it can be ;-)! Oh, and I love the British series called, “Call the Midwife” – have you seen that one? Hope you’ve warmed up since the PV, and that your snow has melted some too. Way to look ahead to a beachfront month next year!!! Check for mice in the RV – they love RV’s in the cold winter, so I hear.


    • OMG! That’s cold. My hats off to you two for even living where you do! Never mind how many calories I buy shivering. I don’t recommend it to anyone. LOL!
      Yes, we watch Call the Midwife also. Love it. So compassionate.
      Fellow RVers told us if we put chucks of irish Spring soap inside different areas of the RV, the mice avoid it. I’ll let you know if it worked. Hubby told me I got the wrong cented Irish Spring version. Oh well. At least the mice will be clean. Another LOL!

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      • LOL! Yes, it’s cold, but today it is 40 degrees. We bounce back in the spring! I thought you’d like the Call the Midwife! I hope the soap works for you – I look forward to hearing about it as the weather heats up. At least the RV will have a fresh scent!

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