Celebrate Your Failures. They Have Made You The Success You Are Today!

According to this Smarter Living, NY Times article (click here), “Failure Isn’t A Roadblock. It’s Part Of The Process.” And it’s about time for all of us to embrace our past mistakes (provided we learned from them) and realize they are part of the reason why we can successfully meet our new days. Over and over and over again. More people are being called upon to reminisce about their past failures and share them with the crowd.


Because you learn much more from failure than success, and honestly analyzing one’s failures can lead to the type of introspection that helps us grow — as well as show that the path to success isn’t a straight line.

Apparently, self-flagellation is turning out to be a good thing. There are countless things that can go wrong when we’re trying to accomplish our goals or advance our careers. But those things are opportunities, not derailments. We need to “turn even our most public failures into advantages, we need to be critical, mindful, honest and, most important, kind about what went wrong. When you fail, write it down. But instead of focusing on how that failure makes you feel, take the time to step back and analyze the practical, operational reasons that you failed.”

As fellow retirees, we’ve all been through a lot of things in our lives so far, many of which were failures. Just know that it was AOK to fail. That’s how we humans learn. We take those failures, dust ourselves off and try, try yet once again. It may take us awhile but eventually we will come out the true successful people we were meant to be. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Know that whatever went wrong, happened for a reason and was destined to be on our path as we journey through our lives.

If your retirement planning has gone askew (as mine had) no need to panic. Just take a step back, look over the situation, figure out what’s working and what is not and try again. We’ve all made financial mistakes (think 2008 Great Recession) and cringe when we think back on some of the financial missteps we have taken. As long as you’re still breathing, you can right your wrong! Or just adapt to whatever predicament you may find yourself in and make due.

I’ve purchased too many cars in my latter lifetime. I’ve also bought too many RVs. Thinking back, I should have stuck with my first choice rather than trade them in for bigger and better. For me, the first option turned out to be the best. And how about the calamity that befell me when I bought a Florida retirement condo in a semi-highrise building? Coming from always living in a single family home, I had no idea the impact second hand smoke would have on my health. These lessons I learned weren’t written in any retirement book! I learned them the hard way.

You can be guaranteed that I’ll be sticking with my current vehicle and RV for a very long time. When and if it comes time for me to eventually move out of my current residence and seek another retirement living option, whatever choice and decision I make will be well thought out and almost perfect. Will I make another mistake? Maybe, but it will be NOTHING like what went wrong the first time.

Live and learn.

There simply is no other way around it.

TN.jpg - 1
My Jayco Hummingbird 17′ Travel Trailer, my Citadel tow vehicle and the Tennessee Mountains as my backdrop. It just doesn’t get any better than this.





  1. Oh, Cindi, this is very possibly my favorite post of yours to date. You absolutely spoke to me! And you had me at Tennessee mountains right off the bat. I am Elvis’s Memphis homegirl.

    I am doing a Bible study where the most meaningful chapter so far has talked about how we all have tragedies and calamities in our lives but from the dust of those disasters often comes something better. My failed marriages are great examples of pain I could surely have lived without but they brought me to PC. And gave me my daughters (first husband).

    You will figure out this quandary about where to finally settle and it will be the perfect choice because the plans and solutions of the past have brought you through with more knowledge for making a better decision this next time around. Delaware or Texas!!! XO


    • Hi Leslie. I am so glad my post spoke to you. I think that article had a very important message for all of us. It’s OK to fail and we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. From ashes to beauty.
      We’re looking forward to checking out new locations. It’s a big America out there!
      Thanks, as always, for your comment.


  2. There is an appropriate saying: Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from poor judgement. Great post as always!


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