Politics Now Matters Where A Retiree Calls Home

I’ll be off to Florida soon. You can’t blame me. I’ve been wintering in Florida ever since I was a child. I can’t just stop and put an end to a sixty-three year habit. Hubby wanted this year off. He said he was tired of driving down to Florida year after year. When I suggested we go by plane, he scoffed. He doesn’t want to leave our dog. Plus, he said, after the many excursions we were forced to take last winter, he just wants this year off and he just wants to stay home.

So be it.

I’m just about at the end of my mental rope. I desperately need a break from all this New York winter doom and gloom. One day it’s -7F degrees. Next day it’s a sunny, warm 60F degrees. My human body can’t take it. I should have been out of here a month ago but better late than never. I think I have enough energy to pack a light suitcase, once more don semi-heavy winter clothing and catch the 3:52PM flight to Sarasota. I’m certain that once my body feels the 85F degree sunshine, all will be right with my world yet once again.

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New York State is not the place to be anymore. I can see the handwriting on the wall. The new abortion law the current Governor Cuomo signed into law has been a game changer. New York has become an out-of-their mind progressive state and for the first time in my life, I’m ashamed to say I still live here. NY had a chance this last local election to elect a more compassionate, conservative governor and 99% of the state did indeed vote for Marc Molinaro. But unfortunately upstate New York has about 18 million voting residents. New York City (a little dot on the state map) has over 20 million voting residents and majority rules. Upstate New York, where I currently reside, doesn’t have a chance anymore. It has been in decline for decades. No jobs, Low wage employment. Resident flight.

Gov Cuomo when he made the remark “America was never really that great”

President Trump, a fellow New Yorker, said it best when he advised that many upstaters should move out of the state. Hubby and I are facing a property tax increase in 2020. Cuomo just announced that the state is facing a $2.3Billion dollar shortfall (click here). Because of this new deficit (because the rich are fleeing NY in droves), many services are now going to be cut, including those in healthcare. This may affect hubby’s medical insurance as he is insured with local state insurance. The only reason why we are currently staying is because of hubby’s health care insurance. With the thought of any cut in medical care, combined with rising property taxes and an end to both senior and low-income property tax discounts, it just may be the time for DH and I to finally say goodbye here and take flight.

New York City is worse off than New York State. NYC is facing a $3.8Billion dollar deficit for 2019 (click here). That’s $800 million more than the mayor projected! Why is this happening? Well, when you have a self-exclaimed Sanctuary City (or state) and the politicians are giving away everything (medical, housing, food, education etc) except the kitchen sink for free, what do you think is going to happen? Eventually these self-proclaimed socialist progressives run out of other people’s money.

When I get to Florida in a few days, yes, I’ll be looking at properties again. This time I’ll be smarter. This time I’ll be looking in a less-congested, more affordable area. I’ll be looking for a single, stand-alone home, NOT in any gated community, no HOA fees, no CDD Taxes, as close to the beach as possible and with a low enough overhead that will make it more sustainable for both DH and I as we continue on our retirement journey.

Stay tuned. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

Side note: listen to the crap we New Yorkers have to endure out of our politicians mouths as they try to justify the inequity and infighting going on in New York. All that matters to anyone, should be their wallet. That’s really the bottom line. I don’t give a hoot about excuses or justifications.



  1. Virginia was no better with the abortion law. Despicable. Yep, we want property in Florida too – Sarasota or Venice, FL. BEAUTIFUL areas. Having only one home may just be the answer. Not sure what I want to do, but I’m looking to book a place on the beach for two weeks next year to get a feel for the area. I LOVED it when I visited my daughter. She lived in that area for three years and has a good feel for the cost/healthcare/areas. I’ll be interested to see what you find.


    • Venice is way better than Sarasota regarding traffic and tons of tourists. Venice still has that small town feel. We love Venice!!
      But nick loves the ocean so we’re starting our search on the Atlantic Ocean side.
      Hopefully we’ll live in the same state and can finally spend time together and meet! That’ll be fun.

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    • PS: Sharon. If you do retire to Sarasota, my advice would be to relocate to a condo directly in the downtown area. A place that you can walk to everywhere (shopping, restaurants, marina and the beach) Why? The traffic is so bad downtown that you can barely move. My BFF lives downtown and she can walk to everything! She loves it. BUT, it can be pricey. She and her BF are renting. They’ve been looking at homes for over a year and just can’t get over the prices.
      Good luck!

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  2. Cindi, look in Hernando County in Florida. Jim and I love our home in Spring Hill and Brooksville is lovely, too.

    You do realize that the property tax increase is part of the tax plan the Republicans passed that did no favors for the middle class. Many people are getting a rude surprise this year in both personal taxes and property taxes. Too often Trump speaks like a populist but governs like a plutocrat.


    • Thanks for the heads up. I’ll give your area a look. Hubby want the Atlantic Ocean this time and I agree. Starting with Fort Pierce and working our way up.
      Thank you so much for your comment!!


    • PS: with the past state election last year, our state capital is now almost 100% Democratic. Gov Cuomo used to say that he depended on the previous Republicans to help keep the state budget down. Now? Not so sure anymore. It doesn’t look good here either way. Is there a way out of this? Is there another state or place to go and relocate? What’s to stop the next location to come to the same conclusions NY has? I guess its the toss of the dice. No one can predict anything anymore. We’re going to give Florida another shot. Fingers crossed. But without the Senior property tax discount and medical insurance discounts here in NY, we really can’t stay here much longer. Oh well…….


    • PSS: I just looked up Spring Hill. In about 2 weeks my sister and I are going to Weecki Wachee. We can look over the area then. Thanks again for the heads up!


      • It would be great if you can rent a kayak or canoe and get out on the river for a paddle. You can rent right in the state park. The water is super warm and a beautiful emerald green in color. This time of year, you may find manatees seeking warmth in the warm springs.

        I’m guessing you will find the real estate costs in the area much lower than on the Atlantic coast.


  3. Politics, schmolotics, you need out of the cold. I was hoping you would make another try in Florida. You will find so many activities and so much to do and no cabin fever. You go girl!!!!


    • Thanks Florence. I know you are very right! Florida is in my blood. I’ve been going there for so long. I’m sort of home sick. Nick and I are going to give it another try. This time we are older and much smarter and we know more of what we want and can afford. Wish us luck!
      Thanks again.


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