Packing My Suitcase, The Marie Kondo Way

Today is packing day and I’m off to a very good start. Thanks to the genius of Marie Kondo, I watched her packing videos and replicated her concise style for myself. I won’t be checking my luggage (@$75) in with the airlines (I’ve already had my suitcases stolen a few times) so I need to pack small and light. That’s one of the great things about Florida. All you need is a pair of shorts, some tee tops, flip flops and a quick drying bathing suit.

I’ve narrowed it down to a small suitcase and a super large Kate Spade messenger handbag (to carry my iPad & iPhone, wallet, boarding pass, eyeglasses, some meds and a few snacks) and I’m good to go.


If you’d like to see how Marie Kondo packs a suitcase, watch this neat You Tube video:



  1. Have fun in Florida! Are you planning on going out with your Photography Club? Are you totally eliminating the Gulf coast to locate in the future ? Sincerely, Lara


    • The gulf coast has a constant red tide problem with very little chance of correcting. I’ll stick with the ocean which flushes itself out naturally.
      I joined up with iPhone photography now. Cameras have gone as far as they can ever go. Software is the new wave of technology. They’re doing amazing things now. I just hope I can learn a few more tricks!


  2. I found my jersey tops more wrinkled using the Marie Kondo method in my drawers and when I unpacked my bag my shorts and slacks needed pressing too!I went back to the three fold and then double over stack. Lara


    • The amount of clothes I was able to pack the Kondo way worked out better for me than the traditional way. Most of my clothes are cotton so wrinkles would come out in the bathroom steam.
      Thanks for your comment.


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