You’re Never To Old To Take First Prize

Out of 12,000 entries, submitted from over 129 countries worldwide, my 65 year old sister, Kathy took first prize in the “Embrace Our Differences” graphic artist competition held by the prestigious Ringling School Of Art And Design in Sarasota Florida.

Kathy retired at age 62 after working grueling decades keeping our father’s business alive. I left the family business at age 32 and settled down in the pony Hamptons, Long Island NY. But not Kathy. She worked tirelessly to preserve the family fortune. When she asked me what was a good retirement hobby, I advised her to take up photography.

Little did I know that my sister would devour the craft of photography with the same drive and ambition she exhibited with dad’s business. Kathy registered back into college, attended every single course available in the world of photography until she fine tuned her creative prowess into mastering digital design. Kathy would devote most of her waking hours locked inside her home office tethered to her newfound professional career.

Kathy started submitting her work, reluctantly at first until eventually she would win first place in almost every competition she would enter.

Last night, in her honor and in honor of the other 44 winners, my sister Kathy was given her long awaited recognition, with an awards ceremony at the Ringling College. The party touted her creative accomplishments which had been so severely hindered at the hands of our abusive father. He never permitted us to be the women we were truly meant to be out of his own selfish reasoning. I’m here to say that we should never give up. As long as we are breathing there is still time for us to reach our goals and reach our true destinies.

Here’s to my Number One fan and best, best friend in the whole wide world: my sister Kathy.


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  1. Wow! Kathy your a digital photography Genius! My son is into 3-D graphics and I know how much work is involved in this creation. You are extremely talented! Congratulations,🎉 Sincerely, Lara

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