A Typical Tropical Day

I’m quickly getting into the tropical groove here. Each morning I get up near dawn and enjoy my morning coffee out on the lanai. The swirling water sounds of the pool jets combined with the carefree chirping of all the local birds makes it a very enjoyable morning.  A quick breakfast and we are out the door running. Literally. I’ve been clocking a minimum of two miles a day just from gadding about town.

During the day we’re  either at the pool or walking the beach shorelines. Evenings we’re either out to dinner or enjoying a night out on the town.  Or both. We went to see a foreign, award-winning Polish film one night. Next night we laughed our butts off at a comedclub. The two drink minimum made the evening a bit more enjoyable!

Dinners are filled with lots of grilled fish. Other than a forbidden  white chocolate bread feast, I’ve been able to stick to my diet. Somewhat.

I’ve made a few appointments to look at some areas on the east side next week. I’m keeping all options open. Either we buy or we continue to RV. It’s all based on lifestyle. In any event, I’m booking both options. I can always get my money back. I’ll know in my heart what’s right or what’s wrong.

There certainly is more things to do here. The sunny weather helps. Lots of clubs. Tons of sports. Plenty of meal options at all price points and health levels. Good points and bad points, the latter being the traffic and crowds. That’s why DH and I are choosing the east coast. It’s not popular and still retains that small town feel. We’re country bumpkins at heart.

Life is a journey and I’m not rushing the trip this time. My goal is to return to my beach bum status, live as minimally as possible, financially free and within walking distance to the ocean. The dudess has returned




  1. We are experiencing highs of 65 today, with a light breeze. It’s gorgeous. But it’s not going to last. 30’s and snow tomorrow. I got out and took a walk. LOVE the sunshine. It does a body good.
    Enjoy your time there, and don’t rush back if you can help it. It looks like Mother Nature is packing a punch in the next week or two. 😦


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