Sometimes You Just Choose

Now that I am back in Florida and my body is finally warm throughout, and the Polar Vortex is only a bad dream, I’ve had the opportunity to really look at things. I have to ask myself if I really want to give up my NY lifestyle and settle down into a Florida lifestyle. I can’t own two places at the same time. I only get one choice: beaches or the mountains? What will it be?

Granted I have my RV and I can travel but each location has its limits. It’s easy to get to Maine from NY but not as easy from the southern tier of Florida. It’s easy to go out west from Florida but extremely time consuming from the northeast. Time is running out. Youth is slipping by.  Each passing year makes it harder no matter how prepared I think I am.

The broker who sold my smoke ridden Florida condo last year still has given me the best advice ever. “You come to Florida to get warm. Not to buy houses or make a real estate investment. Come and get warm and then get out”

So, that’s the decision. That’s the choice. I’m warm. I’m having a great fun time. Love it here. But when my time is up I’m going back home to upstate New York. I started looking at single family homes along the Atlantic Ocean here but by the time I added up the taxes and HOA fees I was no better off than when I began. There’s no money saving opportunity down here. Plus you’ll be trapped inside your home in the summer because the heat is unbearable at times.  So what was the point?

My original plan, back in 2010 was the best. Live upstate and RV in Florida during the winter. Whether it’s one month or two months or two weeks, you get warm and you get your mental thinking abilities back in order and you adhere to reason. It’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live here. I made the right decision. It was good to sell my condo last year. No regrets. I did the right thing at the right time. There’s nothing to go back to. Except move forward. I booked Key West for us next year and that about wraps up this series in my life.

It’s lovely. But not permanent. 


  1. We came to the same conclusion several years ago.The grass is not always better on the other side of the fence. Here is the list that helped us decide:
    our children have children of their own- so they are less likely to “visit”,
    these are our “golden” retirement years (65-75 are the best years to just have a good time),
    we don’t like to be in the same place every year,
    The yearly cost would be between $5-7,000 a year not including – transportation to and from, extra activities, updating, wear and tear, and nest egg off the table not making money,
    we have time to plan,
    we don’t have to worry about a second place (hurricanes, storms, theft, squatters, global warming).
    You live in a beautiful area of New York. At this point you know you are not living the life of the 1%, but are enjoying it instead. You will probably be grandfathered if they change the property tax rules (that is our hope in Delaware). As my Nana said, I can make it work here!
    We will probably move one more time in the next ten years, but that will have to do with our age and needs rather then pleasure and warming :).


    • Hi Janette. We can make it work too! I figure we have one more move. Into assisted living or nursing home. 👍thanks for your comment.


  2. Your conclusion is right . Sorry we can’t play on Monday but maybe we can before you leave. Being in the hospital not on your turf is another good reminder that there is no place like home. Enjoy the sun I thought I would but isn’t happening. 🏖

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  3. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast and while the winters are mild, the summers are hot and humid. I agree with your reservations about summers in Florida. You have come to a reasonable solution.
    I’m glad you are warm and having a good visit.


  4. This is funny. I wrote a blog post about living in the moment — Joe and I decided to really enjoy our home now — so we are fixing it up. We also are looking at a 5 day trip to Las Vegas in the Spring. (Something different, right?) i still like the idea of Florida in the winter, but my kiddos are here. I really don’t want to not have a home in Virginia. Time will tell. Maybe you’ll still be able to rent a home in Florida for two months instead of an RV. It might make it a bit more comfortable. 🙂


    • Hi Sharon. Funnn yes. Nick and I fixed up our NY home also. I don’t want to leave our grandkids. It’s a conundrum for sure!
      When it’s time, the decision will make its way known.
      Thank you for your comment.
      We’ll be in Vegas too! First week of April. Then off to the Grand Canyon.


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