What If You Don’t Want To Retire Early?

Not everyone wants to retire in their 30’s. From the looks of those who do, they have to be in a six figure salary, save 70% of that income, downsize into a smaller, cheaper abode, drive a bike vs a car, forgo all Saturday night cocktails, international travel, consumerism  and remain childless in order to attain true financial freedom, thus retire early.

No thanks.

Odds are looking much clearer that those who follow the above early retirement foremat wind up divorced. Or worse, single and alone. Does that mean that those of us who earn $50K, $60K or $70K will have a happier more balanced retirement when we retire at age 65? I think it’s all a matter of choice. How productive do we want to be? How much sacrifice and effort do we want to put into our retirement planning?

Me? I’m probably the laziest retirement planner you ever met in your lifetime.  I retired young (50) simply by selling my home of 16 years and being satisfied with the equity I earned. I calculated if I was super frugal for the rest of my life, I could survive quite nicely on my equity. Just me. Not hubby.  He had to keep earning his keep.

DH and I are finding ourselves once again in the same situation. With a half million of equity sitting once again in our current, already downsized home, its an offer that can’t be refused or ignored. No working two jobs, going without, going without a car, or sacrificing in anyway. Just plain old accrued equity piling up on a mortgage-free home.

Your retirement is the way you make it to be. You can work long and hard for years or you can be like me and let your real estate do the working for you. My secret was buying right, in a good neighborhood, keeping up with all maintenance and repairs, installing trendy upgrades, never borrowing out any equity and having a celebrity as a neighbor (great selling point). I’ve hit the grand slam again. It’s just a matter of coordinating, if and when I sell.

Good luck.

This is an actual sunset I took in Maine with  my iPhone. I’m learning new enhancement techniques specifically for an iPhone. What do you think? I added in the textures, the barn and the birds. Amazing, right? I’m impressed. 


  1. Good morning, Cindi! Enjoy your last few days in warmth.I woke up to unexpected snow and looking At having more over the weekend. The Groundhog predicted an early spring and March has come in like a lion so I hope that’s true.
    I admire the FIRE community quest for financial independence when they are young by stemming lifestyle inflation and reversing the baby boomers spend spend ways and credit card nation. The ones I follow are all married with children and only one has gotten a divorce, the blogger of Get rich slowly blog. They are wicked smart and most are traveling the world using travel hacking. Most of them make money off their blogs and referral business affiliations. I love that the community puts a lot of their methods out there that others can see there are alternative lifestyles that are available instead of the forty years of working before retirement. They do volunteer work for causes they believe in. You were very fortunate to cash out of your Long Island home when you did but you also had some inheritance that helped along the way. There are a few older bloggers and authors that started later but using Similar methods got off the treadmill in their late 40’s and 50’s. The large majority of baby boomers didn’t take advantage of having 401k and they have less then $25,000 saved for retirement. They shopped shopped and spent beyond their means. This has created a huge retirement inequality and I wonder how many only have to look in the mirror to see who created their current circumstances by not mimicking a squirrel and saving some of their nuts for the future needs. Lara


    • Lara, Mr MoneyMustache just got divorced too. I wonder why. Being a tightwad and limiting your offspring to just one, makes a girl think. And run for the hills. Or in MMM world they both found new partners mighty quick.
      I didn’t need any inheritance to attain financial freedom. It just made
      The journey a bit more enjoyable.
      I remember my days of squirreling away $5 a week till I got $25 and then I bought savings bonds. So much so after a year I bought my first car for cash. $12K. No small feet.
      Most people aren’t like us.
      Oh well.


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