Keeping Up With The Joneses In Retirement

Thankfully my sister “gets it”.  She admitted to me that the only reason why she keeps this older model convertible Mercedes Benz, which costs her thousands and thousand of dollars in repair and upkeep, plus she never drives it more than 20 miles from her house (for fear of it breaking down) is so she can keep up with her fellow retired neighbors.


It’s a beautiful car. Don’t get me wrong. But that was another part of the problem for me when I retired to a Florida community. All the houses may look the same but every one was judging everyone else on the clothes you wore, the furniture you decorated with and the car you drove.

No thanks.

Not for me  I live by a different drummer. And so should you.  Break free from the chains that bind you and live your best life ever.  Live YOUR life.  Not someone else’s dream.





  1. Hmm, I never got that vibe when I visited my daughter in Sarasota and Venice. People were nice, and I didn’t see cars like that. Maybe it’s the area your sister is in? I could care less about what others think, so it probably wouldn’t affect me, as we have all that crap here in Northern Virginia. I tend to keep to myself. 🙂


    • I got the vibe. Downtown Sarasota is super expensive. Most condos cost over a million. Lots going on down here. We went out for happy hour. I spent $45 on a drink and two bites. I was shocked.
      Venice is much more reasonable. More down to earth.
      You’re like me. I keep to myself. But if you want to join an event, play tennis or even join a book club, the women can be catty.


    • I just thought of something. I don’t think your daughter was in a retirement community. I don’t know. I did find a lot of ‘keeping up’ with many retirees down here. Even in the RV parks. But that’s just my observation. My sister said it’s very prevalent in her circle.
      Oh well.
      I can only ‘keep up’ with myself. LOL.


  2. We like in Miami so there can be a lot of this, if you choose to hang with them. I have some friends/acquaintances like this but they know we’re not about that. I could care less what people think about my status. I can see why your sister got that but she’s probably with the wrong crowd. People who judge by appearances usually find they were wrong, once they get to know you.


    • Hi Teri. When we got to know the circle we came to the same conclusions. They’re not fooling anybody. Especially us. When one fellow bought a new Mercedes my hubby asked about several safety options. The fellow said he didn’t get them. Just the shell of the car. Simply for looks. When others had dinner parties they asked to ‘contribute’ $40 a head! For $80 hubby and I could have eaten someplace else, much nicer. And we did.


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