The Importance Of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

One of the best things I love about the south is their fresh produce, available all year round. With their abundant crops and super inexpensive prices, a person can get mightily healthy simply by eating near the farm.

Have a look:


  1. Hi Cindi, I was just shopping yesterday at Market 32 up here in the Nirtheast and your phone could have been shot there. All of the fruits and vegetables you could possibly want are available for probably a higher price but the selection of organic too is amazing. Their latest in the fish department is healthy selection of steamed 8 oz fish with 8 oz of steamed fresh vegetables. I had cod and green beans for $5.99. 50 cents more then buying them and taking it home to cook and with different seasoning to choose from. Yummy! A mile away from home and nothing to clean up and no tipping. Cafe seating with a Starbucks available too. I am loving it! Lara


    • Hi Lara. You’re very fortunate. Don’t let the Green Tribe know about it. They Pooh Pooh energy waste in transportation.
      We have a store like that at home in NY but the prices are sky high! We try to eat seasonally. Most of the fish is brought in from Rhode Island.
      Have fun. Eat up. Sounds wonderful!


  2. I forgot to mention that having this for lunchtime and an organic salad and fruits for dessert for dinner , oatmeal for breakfast is an amazing diet! Lara


    • Lara, except for the oatmeal, I’m eating the same as you. No or low carbs. No or low sugar and am feeling so much better. Who knew.
      You go girl!
      I try to have oatmeal once a week.


  3. FYI Sunday I wrote two post, the first one very long and it showed it was being moderated under Lara Grand and then I forgot something added it and it asked for my name and email which I added and then both posts disappeared! It’s once again asking for new email and name! Sincerely,Lara


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