Best Vacay Ever

My broker was right. You come to Florida in the winter to get warm. And then you go home. My vacation still has a few more days left (and I’ll be missing yet another snow storm back home) but I had another delightful, perfect weather day here in Sarasota. I dropped ten pounds since I’ve been here. Out walking every day. Out swimming every day. Out enjoying the simple sunshine.

I think I’m looking better already. 

Today we took a day trip to Anna Maria Island.  Known for its white sandy beaches, there’s a favorite restaurant of ours that sits right on the sand and offers the best sunset views ever! While we waited for our table, I savored my usual pina colada while sitting on the beach  (yes I still lost weight despite my daily cocktails).

This time, in addition to my usual calamari appetizer, I tried grouper collars.  That’s the gill part of the fish filled with chunks of meat, quick cooked and super tasty!

Here are some pics from this evening. (I hope you’ve been following my travels. Last night we went to a David Foster concert. He was amazing. Everyone in our party was kissing and hugging me for getting them the tickets)



  1. I love David Foster and Anna Maria Island! The pictures are awesome! Is the grouper better then alligator bites? I loved those when I tried them! Congratulations on the ten pounds weight loss! I loved that you had pina coladas a very high calorie cocktail and fried calamari and grouper collars and still exercise enough to lose weight on vacation. You go girl! Sincerely, Lara


    • Lara I wouldn’t try an alligator bite if you paid me! I alternated between pina coladas and cosmopolitans. Cosmos much lower in calories. Working out on a treadmill and raiding the incline was a good way to go. 40 minutes of that (2sessions) plus 30 solid swimming in the pool helped a lot. Plus each day I clocked in a minimum of 1.5 to 2 miles of walking. I’m a very busy girlLOL!
      Anna Maria Island is my special place. The pier is still out of commission because of the last hurricane but beautiful nonetheless.
      David Foster was magnificent. For two hours he transformed us into a musical world that could feel no pain. Happy memories for sure!!

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  2. Is Anna Maria island west of Orlando? I think I looked it up recently for a possible beach weekend before we join the kids for a few days at Disney. If it is the same place, your photos have sold me on it!

    You are certainly ‘wearing’ your vacation well. Amazing what sunshine and exercise can do. Ahhh, the good life.


  3. I’m so glad you took as many pics as you did. Especially the treadmill ones – it’s so good to look back at EVERYTHING you did.
    You inspired me. I just booked another cruise for April. Yacht Club on MSC. Pure luxury. I will work out every day (my back willing) and enjoy the pampering. Then I will come home and be ‘renewed’. We are leaving the day before Easter so Lent will be over — we plan on no eating out until then so we can really enjoy it. I’m already looking ahead to February of next year so I can avoid the winter here. Saving my pennies – perhaps I’ll get a place on Anna Maria Island — I’ve heard great things about it. 🙂


    • Sharon if you get a place on Anna Maria Island I MUST be invited. I’ll bring the pina coladas and mai tai’s. LOL
      I’m already booked 6 weeks next year all on the beach. I’ve got 4 more weeks to go and that will bring us to mid-March. I keep changing beaches all along the Atlantic coastline starting with St Augustine heading down to Key West. I am so looking forward to being a beach bum again.
      Once I get home tomorrow you can be assured I will return to my usual frugal self. It’s the only way I can enjoy my vacations. We’ll be in Vegas at the end of the month. Woo hoo!


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