Cancelled. Reschedule. Delayed. Delayed.

My flight back to NY was cancelled. Yay! Another day in paradise. Then it was rescheduled. Ok. Then I was awakened super early this morning with a two hour delay. And then another hour delay. And then another hour delay. Why don’t they just cancel the flight completely rather than have me at the airport by midnight? So I can stay yet another day in paradise.

I’ll keep you posted.

Rather than waste our day, sister and I are getting pedicure and manicures.


And hanging out at the bayfront watching all the boats sail by.


    • It was a strange day for sure. Glad it’s all over and all I have are my happy memories. NOT those of the flight!


  1. You sure had the crazy departure! What airlines were you flying? I enjoyed all of your Instagram photos – it sure looked like a great trip! Way to stick to your diet too!!!


    • We fly Jet Blue. In addition to the snow, the plane had mechanical trouble back in Boston. On top of all of that, by the time we flew home, only 1 bathroom was working! I didn’t get back inside my home till 3AM. Now, I remember why we drive & RV. LOL!

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      • In 3 weeks we’re off to Las Vegas and in the middle of the vacation week we’re taking a bus tour to The Grand Canyon. Along the way they’re stopping at The Hoover Dam and Route 66. It’s a 14 hour journey, but one I have been looking forward to most of my life! Can’t wait to see the canyon AND take fabulous photos with my real camera this time (vs iPhone)
        Stay tuned!
        And yes, we’re flying Jet Blue. They’re a great outfit. I can’t blame them for this one blip after being with them for decades.

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      • That sounds like a great trip to look forward to! So…you’re giving up using your iPhone this time? I’m sure you’ll capture beautiful photos, I can’t wait to see them! I’ve never flown Jet Blue, at least I can’t remember doing so. We fly out of Minneapolis, and that’s typically Delta. But…I’m inexperienced traveler, only fly every few years! I’ll stay tuned!


      • Shelley, I think the magnitude3 and the beauty of the Grand Canyon might not get fully captured on an iPhone. But I’m doing both anyway. Can’t take a chance and I don’t want to miss any shot. I may never get back there ever again.
        I haven’t taken an airplane in years! I got the frequent flyer points for my kids to come and visit me when I was in Florida. They never came. Oh well. Hubby and I are going to use them. Next year we are going to Bermuda! We have so many unused points that never expire and never have any blackout dates!!!
        Delta is a very good airline. Have fun.

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      • Wow – way to save up and maximize points and fun spots to visit. I’m envious! We plan on having fun, I hope I don’t disappoint you with the pictures I bring back! xx


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