Taking A Day Off From Cooking

The chief cook and bottle washer, otherwise known as my husband, wanted a day off from cooking on Sunday. I can’t blame him. He has been cooking us three meals a day now for weeks on end. It was time to take a break.

We headed over to our favorite Greek restaurant and had ourselves a very nice meal. We shared a Greek salad. I had an appetizer as my main meal: two lamb sliders with a slab of feta cheese, topped with roasted red peppers and arugula, all under a toasted mini brioche bun, with a side sweet gherkin pickle (I could only eat one. I took the other one home for a late night snack. Delish!)  Hubbie had his usual: chicken souvlaki with fresh veggies, wrapped in an in-house, home-made pita. Hubbie drank his fave Stella Artois beer. I had ice water with a slice of lemon.

The food was fresh, delicious and as always, amazing. It was a lovely meal out on a Saturday night.



  1. As the cook and chief bottle washer at our house, I am always game for a meal out. Yours looks crispy and flavorful and fresh. We had Subway on Friday, Mexican on Saturday and breakfast out on Sunday. I have to get back in the kitchen today.


  2. I love Greek food and like to take breaks from cooking too. Sometimes when I’m traveling back from watching the grandkids I just want to get nutritious fast takeout or hit Market32 healthy steamed fish solutions. Today I am roasting a turkey to slice and freeze single portions to have quick spring time meals. My lawn guy cleared all of the debris and I will start my small vegetable garden and flower beds, plant grass where the tornado and septic repair was done this month and the turkey will come in handy after the outside projects. Hopefully the physical work will jumpstart more weight loss. Lara


    • Hi Lara. I am hearing a lot about this Market32. Must be a good deal haven.
      I can’t stand to go outside yet. Its just way too cold! Even though the temps read high 50’s, there is still a cold wind in the air.
      Hubby’s doing our lawn care this year. Or at least try. Our landscaper moved on to greener pastures. No pun intended. Father’s day is coming up. Looks like hubby’s getting a lawn blower, power racker, etc. etc. LOL!


  3. There is an abundance of landscapers in my area. If the one I have leaves there are plenty to interview to replace him. Not planning on Cutting grass for the rest of my life. Lara


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