The High Costs Of Being A Grandparent

I’m certain y’all don’t have demanding daughters such as I have. Bless their ever-loving little hearts. I ask myself if I caused my own problems or did I raise my daughters to be spoiled? I doubt it. My kids have been pulling their own weight since they were 13 years old. They started working professionally at 16. They always paid half of their tuition, 80% of their college costs and 100% of their own marriage celebrations.

My daughters always strove for perfection in themselves and as a result expect perfection in everyone else. The two of them will be staying at my home for both holidays: Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. The younger one will only be here next weekend. The older one will be here for two weeks because she is having her only condo bathroom remodeled and neither she nor my granddaughter want to be exposed to all that construction dust.

Before either one will arrive here, however, they were sure to give me a list of things they expected. The older one expects to do something with her daughter each and every day. So now, I’ve become a child entertainer. I combed social media and most local papers to see what activities our little toddler can delve into. We have an excellent children’s playground in town as well as a professional Children’s Museum in the next town over. Luckily (and thankfully) two local libraries offer daily activities, so I’m golden in that respect. If it rains, we’re going to see Dumbo at the (discounted) movie theater. My youngest daughter had a different request (I may have mentioned this before). She wanted all new sheets, pillows and allergy-free blankets on her bed. Oh and a tempur-pedic mattress topper (or better yet, a new mattress with a pillow top). Her hubby and herself think the mattresses I have already are too stiff and hard.

Don’t worry readers. Y’all know I’m a frugal gal so I’m not about to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on bedroom remodeling. I only bought two new pillows ($17 for both at Aldi) I simply switched ALL of my new stuff, sent her a photo (yes, she demanded a photo) and I solved that problem.

Remember this? It used to be on MY bed. Now, it’s upstairs on her bed (temporarily)


For my oldest daughter, who may be with me for a week or two, I realized I had to do something to keep my granddaughter busy before we hopped in the car and took off on a library adventure. So, I bought her ($69+tax) this Minnie Mouse bicycle (with training wheels) to ride up and down the driveway (supervised of course!)


Next, came the Easter Baskets. All of us will be together here for that holiday and I wanted my two granddaughters to have their very own Easter baskets. Plus, early Easter morning the town here is having an Easter egg hunt (complete with pony rides!). So, we are all guaranteed to have a really great holiday. Also, should it rain during the week, I also purchased egg dying kits to keep us all occupied. Yes! I think I thought of everything!


Lastly, I had to contend with everyone’s food preferences (and allergies). Daughter #1 wanted organic milks, veggies, breads, etc. Plus she and her hubby expect a leg a lamb, just like they have each and every year. Since we couldn’t wait for the sale, I had to cough up $36 just for the leg of lamb in addition to the $118 extra grocery trip I had to make to fill all of their demands. Daughter #2 wanted organic but lactose-free milk as well as other organic products and snacks. They want a ham for Easter Sunday ($20) with apple sauce. Who only drinks seltzer? Who wants unsweetened, fresh-brewed ice tea? Who wants whole grain bread? Who wants gluten-free bread? UGH!

What’s an Italian mother to do, but buy them whatever food they want plus make a big giant pot of sauce for their pasta dishes? My fridge and pantry are filled to the brim:

my shelves are bending from the weight!

Once Easter has come and gone, and the Son Of God has died and has risen again, expect to see this sign on my front door:




  1. Lol Cindi you and I have so much in common. Both my own grandkids spend a lot of time here so I have a guest room full of toys, clothes, etc. They even have their own bikes here, at my expense. Truthfully though DD hasn’t requested this, it’s all on me. Although since I’ve retired I buy most of the stuff at Walmart. My grandson is 8 and granddaughter is 6.
    Our other granddaughter is my stepdaughters little girl, she’s 5 and she also has her own clothes here but I’ve been giving her my other granddaughters hand me downs because she is rarely here. (We has an awful problem with her bio grandmother having a fit about her spending too much time with DH and I (shrug).
    She was here last week and we bought her a bike and helmet but she was afraid to ride it, so we returned it. Stepdaughter was upset because she wants her daughter to have her own bike here but honestly for the amount of time she’s here, she’s have outgrown it by the time she got around to riding it.
    I make all 3 Easter baskets as well, but I get everything except The Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse Easter bunnies at the Dollar Tree. Great candy and basket stuffers.
    Yes, being a grandparent can be expensive but like I said, in my case it’s all on me 🙄


  2. Okay, Cindi, my first reaction to what your daughters are requesting is “WTF????”. Sorry. But really? In my opinion, if my daughters wanted organic anything, they could bring it themselves, and honestly they have. When you go to a person’s home, you accept what they have to offer. Period. The exception is if you offered first. That’s different.

    Either way, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and get a chance to enjoy your grandchildren. Because that’s what it’s all about, right?


    • Exactly, Sharon. My kids have to rent a car to come and see me. It’s not cheap for them. One SIL takes the train to the airport to rent the car because he gets better rates there. Then drops it back off at the airport when they return and take a train home alone. It’s a long thing to endure. They have enough expenses to worry about. I shop at Aldi so it’s not that expensive. If my daughter wants organic, lactose free milk, that’s what she gets.
      What can I say. This mother likes to feed her kids LOL!


  3. I thought your oldest daughter had two daughters ? My Kids bring their alcoholic beverages and selzers when they come here and I buy organic milk for my youngest grandson. When I am at their homes if they have beef they buy hormone steroid free because I get severe reactions to other beef – arthritic like inflammation where I can’t even straighten up and all my joints in pain since I went through menopause. I buy all the food and I make their favorites and always make tons so there is leftovers for everyone to take home.? I follow in my Mom’s footsteps putting a wonderful meal on the table is an expression of LOVE 💕 My kids when they host go all out too. My son over the years has told me his wife’s dislikes and I steer clear of serving them and try to have her favorite s too. Keeping the peace after losing their Father was important to me. Sincerely, Lara


    • I only have two granddaughter. One each daughter.
      It’s we women who kerp the peace and make the home. Women tend to hold families together.
      Good for you.


  4. Rick you’re comment came at an appropriate time. I just got back from the ER at my local hospital. My husband and I had to rush my oldest daughter to the emergency room due to excessive bleeding. She bled profusely in the car. She was hemorrhaging from fibroids. She’s been trying to get pregnant for two years and it looks like it’s not going to happen for her anymore. She’ll probably need a hysterectomy.
    My youngest, two months ago suffered her second miscarriage. The latter one being the worse since the baby had to be aborted in the 5th month since it was not developing correctly. The baby had a hole in its heart and the brain didn’t form.
    Have you ever had to terminate a baby in its fifth month? It’s a very horrible and painful experience. My daughter still cries out looking for her son. My grandson.
    If I want to buy my grandchildren a new bike that’s what they get. I don’t have to buy second hand. They deserve new. They deserve the best.
    And what’s wrong with my kids asking for new sheets? If it brings them comfort that’s what they get.
    Who the heck are you to tell me how to care or treat my own children.
    You can hide under the name Rick but I know who the fuck you are. You leave a computer ID trail. I’ve blocked and banned you from my blog.
    And oh yes, please go fuck yourself. You’re a despicable horrible horrific human being.


  5. Your family is so lucky to have you!! I love seeing the photos. I’m far from grandparenting, so this too, besides your retirement tips are great for me to read and take notes! xx


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