I Don’t Think I Can Hang On Much Longer.

*Editors Note: This post is meant to be funny.

One of the many things retirees have to deal with in their retirement years is their adult children and their respective grandchildren. When I hear retirees brag to me about their wonderful, adorable grandchildren and their amazing parents, I only have one word for them: bullsh**t.

If you delve deeper into their touts, you’d probably come up with a plethora of self-contained complaints. If pushed far enough, many may contend they’re on the brink of nervous breakdowns.

Sometimes I don’t realize how lucky I am. Or used to be. When my daughters found out I voted for Donald Trump, they didn’t speak to me for almost 1.5 years. I thought that was a very bad thing. Now? In retrospect, those 1.5 years brought peace and quiet in to my life.

Since most issues between us have currently been resolved (we have agreed to never discuss any sort of politics between us ever again) my daughters and I have returned to some sort of pleasing family relations once again.

That sounds like a good arrangement, right? Or is it? I wonder.

My daughter recently asked me if she can store some of her older baby clothes in my house. It’s an understandable request since she lives miniscule in the city and I live in a more rural abode that includes a basement. While she was visiting, her husband brought sneaked the items into our basement and stacked them neatly on some shelves. (neatly is the keyword here. you decide.

Here’s the result:

mess.jpg - 8
Here’s what they loaded onto my husband work tables, NOT the shelves I asked them to.

Here’s what their/my bedroom closet already looks like:

mess.jpg - 7
bedroom closet already filled to the top

Remember what my beautiful guest bedroom for her originally looked like? (click here)

Now look:

Despite the fact that I have a completely empty chest of draws, clothes are thrown all over the floor:

mess.jpg - 4
the chest of draws remains empty

And despite the fact that I spent over $15,000 to put in a magnificent bathroom and remodel the second floor for them, this is what they have done to it (and yet they still insist on using MY bathroom instead)

Tonight, Nick and I are going to wear our #MAGA hats (we don’t have them but we’re going to find a set!) we’re going to tune our two flat screens onto FOX News and FOX Business permanently and hang up cardboard posters around the living room stating that we are ‘Pro Life’ and GO TRUMP 2020.

I’ll let you know how it all works out.


  1. Wow…you don’t pull any punches. I find it reasonable to request a couple of items be stored at your house, but not a small 5×5 storage space full. Hang in there, remember we’re relying on them to not sign the papers and ship us off in our twilight years. 🤔


    • Hi Tin Can. I can’t get over how much crap my kids buy. I NEVER had such an overload of ‘stuff’! The only good to come out of all of this is that I finally understand why my dad threw all my stuff out of his attic after I got married. Unfortunately, once I told him all the thousands of dollars my Beatlemania stuff could have sold for, he didn’t think he was so smart after all. As for my own kids stuff……..worthless. LOL

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  2. I get it ha! Hang in there. Take a good walk, cook some more and do more dishes! That’s what I did last summer when my daughter, son in law and their 6 kids moved in with me for 2 months. They put their house on the market. They decluttered and had to keep it pristine for showings and like my daughter said there was no way she could keep it that way with 6 kids. And she couldn’t have!! Day to day we kept it moving and they sold and moved and I know they appreciated it. It helped to realize this wasn’t that easy for them either, they missed their routine, home, etc. ( I also have a home of stored items slowly reducing as each child moves into different circumstances) let’s hope your daughter gets to use those items stored there.


    • Hi JE. I’m sure it’s not easy on my daughters side either. I’m more concerned for my granddaughter though. Not good for a little one to be exposed to construction dust.
      I’m sure we’ll all laugh about this when it’s over. 👍


  3. I look at the mess and see women who are overwhelmed. I am glad you are a refuge in the storm. It does get old, but your grands are worth it. You are doing a good thing and I appreciate the work it takes to get to this point.
    I hate to tell you- if the next child is a boy, those clothes will be sold and it will start over. Both of my girls stored their baby clothes- in their garage. They did have the room- THANK the LORD! One put in a basket hanger over the cars. BTW- those boppy pillows also fit in shrink bags…. All of those things are moving on at my house. The last grand is now 10 months!!! Woo HOO!


  4. Yikes! I can see why you’re feeling stressed! Hang in there. My son moved in with us for A YEAR while reorganizing his life. I was thrilled AT FIRST. Then I experienced exactly what you are now 😐.
    Hopefully never again but my kids, like yours, know we’re the type of mamas that go the extra mile for our kids.


  5. Demand they clean up their mess or throw it out into the backyard. Let them know you won’t tolerate them disrespecting you and your space!


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