The Keto Diet Is Just Not Sustainable Over The Long Haul.

I was sort of on a Keto-style diet since February. You can read all about my food adventures from this post (click here). Last I weighed myself, while still on the diet, just a few weeks ago, I had a 17 pound total weight loss. Realistically, however, I just couldn’t stuff another hard-boiled egg down my throat any longer. The high protein, low carb diet, although effective, just isn’t sustainable over the long-term. The diet advised eating a lot of eggs. In fact, it recommended having at least 4 hard-boiled, peeled eggs waiting for you, in the fridge, should a hunger pang erupt. Is it any wonder then that The Health Organization recently came out with a warning stating eating more than 3 eggs a day was dangerous to your health! So many people were eating too many eggs. Me, being one of them (and I have a heart condition!)

Some studies suggest that eating 5 or more eggs per week may have adverse health consequences, including an increased risk of heart failure in men, or breast cancer in women. However, the research is weak, and any possible increased risk is likely outweighed by the healthful nutrients found in eggs.

The safety of eating more than 3 eggs per day is unknown. While it is possible that adverse health consequences could result from eating more than 3 eggs per day, what is more impactful is the quality of a person’s overall diet.

Here’s an example of a typical high protein, low carb, high fat daily diet intake. There are eggs included in almost every meal (and snack). Does this look healthy to you??


Needless to say, I’m off the Keto-like diet I was on and yes, once I got off the diet, I went on a carbohydrate food-fest binge. I started having toasted English Muffins, sandwiches made on whole grain white bread, cookies, desserts, oatmeal, grits and tacos. Fast forward to today, a full 3 weeks after I got off the Keto bandwagon and guess what happened to my weight loss? No, I didn’t gain it all back. I only gained 2 pounds back. I still maintain a 15 pound weight loss. How did this happen? Well, one thing the Keto diet taught me was to learn how to read food labels. Especially the carbohydrate count of practically everything. I made a conscious decision to eat carbs BUT to limit them to no more than 50 to 150g per day (the normal range is 300 to 550g per day).

I was surprised to find out that there are many, many foods out there that are low in carbs (for example, such as some taco shells: 3 shells had only 17 grams of carbs, less 2 grams of protein equaling a net carb count of only 15 grams). Load up the tacos with turkey chili, light sour creme, salsa, shredded romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese and guacamole or avocados and you have a delicious, filling high protein, low carb meal! Who knew? Plus, I couldn’t eat 3 tacos! By the time I was half way through my 2nd taco, I was full! That meant I ingested even less carbs than I originally calculated.

Many flat breads are low in carbs AND filled with fiber (you subtract the fiber from the carb count to get a total net carb). So, I could go back to eating sandwiches on these terrific flat breads. I’d fill them with roasted turkey, Swiss cheese, lettuce & tomato, honey mustard and voila’: I was eating a sandwich and feeling good about the whole thing.

So, I have revised my diet by including more carbs, fresh fruits (especially citrus, berries and melons) and an occasional desert (a few cookies, a handful of candies etc). Salt-less nuts make a better snack and I’m working on that. I know my downfall has been white bread, pasta, white rice and Italian pasties (especially canolli’s) so I avoid all of those like the plague. I’m back to having either oatmeal or cheesy grits in the morning (1/2 cup uncooked). I still make a mean strawberry smoothie. I have sandwiches for lunch, a regular dinner (protein and a veggie) and an occassional salad. I’m not much of a snacker, so that’s good. But I do, almost daily, have a dessert. And I have learned how to make a vodka cosmo martini (very low carbs) which bring me much comfort on a late Saturday night!

I HAVEN’T HAD AN EGG IN WEEKS! I’m sick of them. I’m tired of boiling them, peeling them, frying them. I hate eggs! Ditto for bacon and sausage. Personally, I don’t think those things are healthy! As long as I read the food labels, am conscious of the carbohydrate counts and keep them within the low end range, I’m good to go.

I also haven’t lost any more weight.

Oh well.


  1. Hi Cindi, I am not sure who’s Low carb high protein diet you were following. The foundation of a Keto diet is to fast for at least 14 hours, ideally 16 to 18 hours and in the other 8 to 6 hours consume 2 meals. This causes your body to reach a state of Keto sis that supposed to use your body stored fat more efficiently.
    My son has been on it since January 29 th And has lost 32 pounds. He hasn’t eaten a hard boiled egg yet. His meals are usually A medley of berries fruit protein smoothie and salad with chicken or salmon, avocado, for his first meal or taco salad with hormone free ground beef or turkey, or lettuce sandywraps. His dinner meal is usually Sweet potatoes or cauliflower rice, or beets, a side salad or half a plate of stir fried vegetables with onions and garlic for his heart . Always includes broccoli and kale and a serving of grilled or baked or roasted meat or fish. Desserts are nuts,dark chocolate, and fruit or organic dried fruits if he wants something sweet. He occasionally will have a bun at Five Guys and a Thai soup with their soy noodles. He eats very little cheese because of its high saturated fat and salt content his cardiologist recommended that he uses avocado slices as a substitute .I wish I could give up on all the carbs like he has but I gotta have my oatmeal it has successful kept my cholesterol in check.
    Sincerely, Lara


    • Hi Lara. I like my oatmeal in the morning too. Just like you do. I’m on, or I was on, that Fab Four diet I referenced and has a ping back link to. It worked for a while, but for me, I missed my carbs too much. I ate just like your son did, as you listed but I can’t keep that way of eating for too long. So, I’m trying to do it sporadically. Marilou Henner has a sort-of=keto diet that has worked very well for her, and for hubs and I at times. She sets up carb days, where ALL she eats that day are carbs, plus she has a few martinis thrown in. That’s what I’m back to doing. Sunday is my carb day, and I have my pasta, bread, pizza, desserts and a few cosmopolitans!
      Tell your son ‘congrats’ Keep up the good work! 🙂


  2. I, too, have been trying to drop about 18 pounds, but have been stuck at a ten pound loss for months. I mean, that’s good, but I can’t seem to get moving again. Generally, I count calories, just because it’s the easiest thing for me to do and I hate cooking at this stage of my life. As we are in retirement, husband, and friends, always want to eat out. I like it too, but it’s a definite derailment. I know, I know, I can eat low cal at a restaurant, but I only have so much self control, people.

    I’m going to Hawaii in June, so I’m trying to dangle that incentive to get off some more pounds.

    My midsection looks like a melting pile of frozen yogurt. But at 70, I don’t think that will change. 😀


    • Hi Anne. I don’t know where my midsection got the courage to pop out as much as it does. The term ‘muffin top’ doesn’t do it justice. I look like Mr. Santa Claus from the front. And Raquel Welch from the rear. LOL. As long as I don’t turn around, I’m golden.
      I’m sure the belly fat has a lot to do with eating carbs. I’ll just keep chipping away at it. Hopefully, I’ll look good in my coffin (at the rate I’m going) Oh well.
      Thanks for your comment. Hang in there.
      Have a lot of pineapple whilst you’re in Hawaii. With a shot of rum and some coconut creme, you’ll be feeling fine! Have fun. Enjoy.


  3. I’ve been eating a keto diet for 10 months and it doesn’t require eggs or fasting. You have to find the keto foods you like to keep it sustainable. Also I make keto bread once in a while as well as keto desserts. Lost 33 pounds and two prescriptions meds so far.


    • Hi Kay. Of the top 16 things recommended to eat on a KETO diet, eggs was #6. I guess it’s up to the dieter on what to eat, as long as it is within the guidelines. Congratulations on your weight loss. YOU ROCK! I’m so jealous. Best of luck to you and thank you very much for your comment.

      6. Eggs

      Eggs are one of the healthiest and most versatile foods on the planet.

      One large egg contains less than 1 gram of carbs and fewer than 6 grams of protein, making eggs an ideal food for a ketogenic lifestyle (33).

      In addition, eggs have been shown to trigger hormones that increase feelings of fullness and keep blood sugar levels stable, leading to lower calorie intakes for up to 24 hours (34, 35).

      It’s important to eat the entire egg, as most of an egg’s nutrients are found in the yolk. This includes the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which help protect eye health (36).

      Although egg yolks are high in cholesterol, consuming them doesn’t raise blood cholesterol levels in most people. In fact, eggs appear to modify the shape of LDL in a way that reduces the risk of heart disease (37).


  4. May I just say I despise this new Keto trend? Because you know it is just that, a trend. Let’s see what everyone will be saying two years from now when they find out there’s a health issue from it. IMHO.


    • Sharon, I’m just keeping my carbs low (between 50 & 150g a day). It’s not a secret that pasta, white rice, white bread etc brings on the belly fat, which is what I have. So far, it’s been working out for me. Now, I just don’t know what to do with those 20 boxes of Ronzoni past I bought on sale? LOL! I may donate them to a food bank.


      • They won’t go bad. Moderation is key. You don’t have to have pasta every day, but come on, YOU ARE ITALIAN…LOL, what about Sunday dinner? Seriously, though, I think everyone needs to find what specifically works for them. For me, I track through the WW’s app, and if I follow, I lose. I’m also keeping up with 10,000+ steps a day. After this past cruise, I realize that I better start on lifting those weights — getting a bit saggy.


      • Sunday is pasta night here. But we haven’t celebrated it in months. One cup is 40 g of carbs!! Too high. But I hear you. Soon. Soon.
        I hope I found my way. 👍


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