Spring Time Projects

After a very rainy week, today the sun has finally popped out bringing the warmer (and drier) weather with it. The whole week is going to be like today. What a perfect time for us to start our spring time projects!

We have a list of ‘must be done’, as printed below. There is a back up list of things we’d like to get done but they are not an emergency nor necessary. For example, I would love a 10 X 10 shade covering over the center of our deck. Not going to happen. Too expensive. So, I opted for a 9 ft red umbrella at $99. Slash that. I’m down to a 7 ft umbrella BUT it’s been put on a waiting list. Let’s see how the spring expenses go. In the interim, my 10-year-old 7 ft umbrella can still get through yet another summer!

springtime projects.png

I’ve been wanting to paint our front and side entrance doors for ages. It’s time. I’m sticking to the Colonial Red I started with 17 years ago (gosh, has it been that long?) Also, our kitchen needs several touch ups from several remodeling episodes over the year. Now’s the time to do it. I’m also going to go around the house, with my trusty angle brush and touch up all the white trim in the kitchen, hallway and living room (I already have this paint & related brush) Paint doesn’t come cheap anymore. These two quarts plus assorted brushes totaled $43.23. Gulp.


Another thing we are replacing this summer season is our old, original gas grill. Each season hubby had to buy several replacement parts for $65. Granted that’s better than replacing the grill with another $165 Weber. This year, for $99 we bought a brand new grill. It’s perfect for the two of us (and the occasional guests) and comes with three gas burners. Hubs is putting it together now. (I don’t hear any cursing, so it must be going well. LOL)


Lastly, if you remember my past episode last week dealing with my two rat-pack, hoarding daughters, I managed to solve the problem. I dragged their stuff over to the basement shelves, loaded up a section with the crap neatly piled high. I counted the units. All in all, they dumped another 21 packages in my basement, in addition to the two closets each they have in their bedrooms.

I sent them one of my infamous emails telling them they had 7 days to remove the crap out of my beautiful, neatly, organized basement (that hubs and I worked on last spring). Failure to remove gave them two choices: they now must pay me $100 a month storage fees (just like other storage companies charge) or their crap was being hauled down to Goodwill, so that other, less fortunate children could be helped.


In less than an hour, my SIL is driving up here, going through the stuff for both girls and relocating it up on the second floor into one of their already cramped closets. What doesn’t fit will be brought back. In any event, I won’t have to deal with this nonsense anymore.

This whole experience put such a damper on my psyche. I’m sure, you the reader are bored with it by now. I was so upset by this experience that I went on a purging encounter. I was up till 4AM last night, going through each and every one of my draws, cabinets, closets pulling out stuff I no longer needed or wanted. I am so into minimalism, it’s beyond belief. I’m into owning ‘just enough’. If you own less, you live more! You have to ask yourself ‘what do I really need? What are my values? What is my purpose in life?’ It certainly isn’t 27 pairs of shoes for a three-year old (yes! my daughter had one vacuum sealed package filled with 27 pairs of shoes!)

Anyway, it’s over now. Peace and my core balance have been returned to my life. And if not, I’ll be $200 richer each month!

Here is my new idol. My new guru! Live and learn:

Finished BBQ. Now the deck needs to be power cleaned!




  1. I could never be a minimalist. I like my stuff too much. I have to have lots of books, pictures and flowers. But i do declutter constantly. I cull books, clothes and other stuff all the time. A small bag goes to the thrift stores at least once a month. Does your sister in law live with one of your daughters? A little confused on that one.


    • MY SIL lives in Florida. My daughters live in New York. Sorry I confused you.
      I understand about loving your possessions. I do too. But I only have the stuff, and books, I really, really love. The library holds my other books LOL. Decluttering is a normal weekly progression here. It becomes a way of life after a while. I like it.
      Thanks so much Anne for your comment.


  2. I totally agree with you! I am just getting rid of a huge bag of clothing I will never wear again. After “going crazy “ buying stuff sometime back, I returned what I could and kept what fits. Everything else I gave away!


  3. I feel the same way about clutter. We have a ton of spring projects — but decided to spend the money on our recent cruise — priorities, right? We will still get the projects done, but they will turn into Summer, Fall and Winter events. 🙂


    • Sharon, my daughter coming here, and dumping 21 shrink wrapped packages of baby clothes in our basement really sent me into a tither. I couldn’t deal with it. I’m sorry to say, I just lost it. I don’t care if we never speak to each other ever again. I’m done. I want her stuff outta here! My SIL is coming back to pick up the stuff AND two baby carriages out of our barn. Nick can’t think in there, they’ve cluttered it up so much!
      Nick and I have a few projects to wrap up this spring. Starting Memorial Day weekend, we’re off to the Outerbanks, on the beach, with our little RV and we’re not looking back. We plan on enjoying our summer and that’s about sums it up.
      Stick a fork in me. I’m done!!!

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      • Although I post for my own memories, I was thrilled that you followed! We had a great time, my fav was the salt water pools. So refreshing and relaxing. I don’t swim in chlorine, so this was a treat! We were treated like royalty, for sure, but of course it cost us some $$$. Our next cruise isn’t until May, 2020 when we head to Alaska. I was so worried about my dog when we were gone this time (he hurt his back right before we left) that I hate to leave him again any time soon. I know I’ll be wanting the warmth in February…..


      • Alaska! Wow. It’s beautiful there. Nick and I were there in the mid 90’s. Loved it. So adventurous.
        Love your cruises. How I wish……
        Thanks for sharing.


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