Follow Up To Medical Mishap and Wrap Up For The Week

After the medical mishap that happened to me this week (click here for info) I’m happy to report that this morning I woke up happy and in a much better mood. That’s a very good thing. The swelling of my face has subsided. I’m feeling like my old, original self again: ready to meet the day and take on more challenges!

I’m happy to say that I am back with my old cardiologist. The new cardiologist (the one who mis-prescribed the meds) called me to apologize and also to read me the results of the CT Scan (now with that ill-fated contrast dye). The only benefit to using the dye was to get a much better reading, which it did produce. The new cardiologist had a scan done of both my heart and my lungs. The results are that both are 100% “looking good”: the lungs look good (DRs words), no nodules, no nodes, no scarring. My heart looks 100% good, no clogged arteries. No blood clots. No aneurysms. The arteries look good. I’m 100% open, good and clean.

red face.jpg
I really don’t want people seeing me like this, but I’m making a point. I need to take more of an active role in my medical care.

My new cardiologist is sending my original cardiologist the test results, thus closing another chapter in my retirement life. I was hesitant to post this picture of me, with swollen, red, flushed face (in which I look absolutely awful) but I’m posting it anyway. The medical incompetence we all might be facing in our future retirement years might be a scary stark reality. We need to take more of an interest in our future medical care. We need to learn the facts. Learn the medical terminology and when things look awry, we need to speak up. When the assistant nurse kept fumbling with my IV and couldn’t get it done correctly without a more profession hand, I should have stopped the procedure right then and there. But I didn’t. My gut was telling me this was going to be a goat-f**k, but I was too polite to speak up. Big mistake. Trust me….it’ll never happen again. Next time (if there ever is a next time) I’ll be speaking up. I’ll be being more vocal.

There’s only one me and I have no intention of losing her.

Anyway, today is a new day. I’m feeling great. The face swelling is gone. I’m happy about the medical results. Personally, between you and I, the only thing wrong with me is that I am overweight. I’m working on it!

Nick and I are meeting our two best friends at a local RV event given here in town. We love going to RV shows even though we have no intention of buying now. BUT in 3 years, when Nick officially retires, he would like to trade in our travel trailer and get a Class C. That’s a self-driving RV. Nick is tired of towing. We both are looking forward to our future. We made plans. We still have hopes and dreams.

Life may be short but retirement is long!

My kids are back in their own homes. My house has been cleaned and restored to its normal standing. I’m back in my Zen Place. My center core is back in balance.

I’m good.



  1. #1 – I am so glad you have a clean bill of health! Woo HOO!
    Are you sure it wasn’t the doctor at the hospital who made the bad call? Sounds like your young cardiologist was doing some tests that she did not have to do to give you peace of mind. She gave you the preventives, but the hospital doc did not follow up on what needed to be done there. And it was the hospital that had the inexperienced LPN for your line.
    Personally, I am looking for new, young doctors. Older doctors are retiring early and leaving the profession. My mom’s care is a revolving door of older doctors who retire.
    We go back and forth about the RV. I really want one. We are at the peak of good condition. We are the same ages as you two—but flipped. So, the higher SS and pensions have already in place. I keep saying to him (69 next month) that we only have so much time……His parents were gone by 80- my mom (almost 89) is still alive. It is frightening how quickly time is flying.


    • Janette, time seems to be passing at break neck speeds. I can’t keep up!
      My young cardiologist made the mistake. She wrote the prescription incorrectly. Thankfully, the hospital CT Scan Team realized it and were ready and on the ball. The hospital is a teaching hospital. They can go teach on someone else. Not me anymore. I’m staying in my hometown and local medical center from now on. Everybody knows me as I’ve been in their system for 18 years!
      I’m happy over the test results however. She didn’t trust the old results which were done without the contrast (dye). Same result. What a waste of everyone’s time and money.
      Get the RV. At least rent one and try it out. We just adore the lifestyle and the freedom. Good luck!


  2. My wife was misdiagnosed for almost 2yrs. She didn’t give up and acted as her own advocate and finally was properly diagnosed. It’s a shame that our insurance pays all those fees and we pay all the deductibles for subpar medical treatment. As my Dad would’ve said…”it’s robbery without a gun.” When will we get our healthcare system fixed? We’re glad you’re doing better. ❤️🙏🏼


    • Thanks Tin Can. That’s unfortunate about your wife. I agree with you. We The People have to take our own health care in hand very seriously. It’s life or death. Some of these new doctors have no idea what they are doing. Scary!
      Thank you for your comment.

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  3. Holy Sh*t Cindi, really? Working for personal injury attorneys for over 15 years, that was definitely malpractice. And no, I don’t let ANYONE give me an IV unless they are an anesthesiologist. Period. I had too many ‘misses’ to the vein. I speak up very LOUDLY. But, then again, I’m not on medicare. I have no idea how doctors look at that but I can only guess. My endocrinologist is switching to concierge service which means I pay ‘out of pocket’ a yearly amount to keep her. She said she just can’t afford what insurance companies pay her. She is amazing, and the fact that another tumor can appear, I want to keep her. Retirement will be all about healthcare, I’m afraid.


    • Sharon, there’s no respect for us as we age. It’s just reality. I am NEVER going back to any doctor unless I am dying and in absolute pain. No more preventative visits, nothing.
      As I said, stick a fork in me. I am done!
      My face is still getting hot and flushed. The prednisone is making me a raving lunatic, so I stopped them. I still have confidence in my GP, who called me very concerned, as she got all the follow up reports. If I still have a problem, I’ll see her. And yes, if this malady still exists, I’m seeking the advice of my attorney. I’m not going to let this rest.


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