Sunday Night Is PBS Night

I’ve been a PBS viewer since my kids grew up on Sesame Street back in 1979. The television beacon has never ceased to amaze me with their outstanding shows, brilliant concerts, new specials and earth documentaries. The station is just pure genius IMHO.

Not since the airing of Downton Abbey (that ended 12/25/15), however, has PBS come up with such a magnificent line up as the one they are showing currently every Sunday night. Hubs and I are glued to our television set as the wonders of excellent television graces our smart TV screen. I’m certain that a station airing PBS selections are somewhere on your channel dial. If you haven’t tuned in to the wonders of PBS, now may be the time to do so. Click here to find the lineup in your area.

p06y4s4gStarting at 8PM EST: Call The Midwife. If you think this show is only about babies, birth control, abortions and other female ailments, you’d be partially correct. Starting in the 1950’s we women have come a long, long way. Netflix carries back shows, as does iTunes (but you’ll have to pay)


Get your hankie because you are going to cry your eyes out at this most outstanding and beautifully acted  rendition of Les Miserables. Airing 9PM EST. Victor Hugo’s story of two warring men who represent diametrically opposed points of view on humanity. Reformed criminal Jean Valjean (Dominic West of The Affair) is a case study in Hugo’s belief that kindness and generosity can change a person for the better. His nemesis Inspector Javert (Selma star David Oyelowo) pursues Valjean obsessively over the course of two decades—a crusade driven by his certainty that crime can only come out of incurable degeneracy, even if that crime is stealing a loaf of bread so your family doesn’t starve. Destitute, disgraced and friendless, single mother Fantine (Okja‘s Lily Collins) is on hand to illustrate the maddening position of working-class women in post-Napoleonic France.

better shotFinally, rounding up the splendid viewing evening is Season3 of Unforgotten, airing at 10PM EST. One thing the Brits know how to do and do it very well at that, is a good murder mystery. Nicola Walker (Last Tango In Halifax) returns to PBS, along with her sidekick Sanjeev Bhaskar to solve the cold case murder of a 16 year old girl that happened decades ago. Her bones were discovered buried under a London Freeway undergoing  renovation.

You can see all the seasons previous Unforgotten series, right on PBS’s own website. (click here to catch up). PBS has always been free to any viewer, but they do depend on our donations. I say its worth every penny. Next time PBS has a fund raiser, you may just want to send them a quid or two.

Happy Sunday. Happy Viewing!

Side Note: Don’t miss The Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Library Of Congress/Gershwin Award Show honoring the husband and wife team for all their superb American entertainment. A true American Dream come true. The music is contagious. The story line an American success. A family tradition lives on through their son and daughter.

Many guests sing many of Gloria Estefan’s hit songs, including the original cast of ‘On Your Feet’:





  1. i totally agree PBS rocks. my favorite shows are British: Poldark, Downton Abbey, As Time Goes By, Keeping Up Appearances, Butterflies, My Family………I will need to check out the ones you listed, thank you!

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    • Wendi, don’t miss them. Les Miserables is truly a Masterpiece. Forget that stupid musical! I had no idea what the story line actually was. It’s a battle between the haves and the have nots. Unless you owned land, you were nothing.
      Also, I forgot to mention, but I’ll redo it, if you get the chance watch the Gloria Estefan special. She and her husband Emilio were honored by the Library of Congress. A true American Dream story come true. Plus the music is fantastic. WOW!

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  2. Love, PBS and Unforgitten but tonight I am watching Hallmark When calls the Heart. It’s a two part event. I loved Les Miserables on Broadway saw it twice. Lara


  3. I have been watching Les Misérables since it aired on the 14th of April. I am a massive fan of the musical- if it wasn’t for that love, I most likely wouldn’t be watching that PBS Broadcast or would have read the book. That musical is why I am able to understand what is going on.


    • There’s no doubt, the musical was brilliant. I saw it for the first time in Montreal Canada. Twice on NYC Broadway. The PBS special however is showing me things I never knew. It’s all making better sense. When Fontine died, I cried and cried.
      Thanks for sharing your opinion. I appreciate talking about Les Mis with you!


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