There’s More To The Library Than Books

I live in the vicinity of three libraries and a quick review of their respective calendars reveal there’s a whole lot of good stuff going on. And it’s all free! One of the libraries also offers a free 3 week course on retirement planning and taxes! How cool is that? There’s Acoustic Night (local musicians come and entertain), Comedy Night (local comedians come and make us laugh), Lunch At The Movies (brown bag your lunch but the library provides coffee, tea and a dessert) as well as the usual Book Club, Story Time and trips to art galleries and museums.

One of the local libraries near me was offering a free watercolor class complete with free supplies (you later got to keep your free art supplies!). The library had just received a personal grant from one of the local banks and watercolor classes were on their new agenda. I consider myself a bit of an artist as I have the knack for drawing, painting and the like. I have always wanted to take a professional class in watercolor as it’s a bit difficult to teach one self, despite all the You Tube instructional videos. Sometimes you need to be with other ‘artists’ for inspiration. And sometimes you need that one-on-one personal instruction and care.

Our instructor had the class personally review each and every one of our works.

The watercolor class was strictly an introduction to the art of watercoloring. A well known local artist was hired as our instructor and she was instrumental in laying out the foundation to get us all started onto the path of successful watercoloring. What was also great about the class was that we got to keep many of the supplies that were provided. All I had to do, once the class ended, was buy a set of starting water color paints ($29) and the proper paper (11 X 14 pads @$16 for two). Since I have already dabbled in painting, I had the brushes. The library class provided the board, palette, drawing pencils and eraser.

It was a lovely two hours, spent on a rainy Saturday afternoon, along with 14 other talented, local ladies, learning something new and setting me onto a path of new discoveries and a new hobby.

Check out your local libraries calendar. It can be a retirees dream come true!

my work.jpg
Here’s my first attempt at watercolor. Teacher told me it was very ‘Sante Fe Western’.


  1. We just moved and are steps from one of the most unique architecturally designed libraries.
    Can’t wait to explore all it offers!


  2. New York state has the best libraries. Ours don’t even come close. My sister is a librarian in Binghamton, and her library does so much. This looked awesome, and your print came out beautiful!


    • Hi Sharon. I didn’t know that. Thanks for letting me know. My library offered a trip to NYC last month to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum:
      What a fabulous thing to arrange! Tix were only $65 pp and that included the round trip bus ride and some time in NYC for a quick early dinner/late lunch. Nick and I had already seen the exhibition in St. Petersburg two years ago. It was a treat, for sure!
      Libraries are fantastic!
      Who knew.
      Oh, thanks for the compliment on my print. Everyone made a big to do about it. The library administrator even took a photo of me and my watercolor for the next newsletter.
      Oy vey!


  3. I must be living under a rock. It wasn’t until you mentioned about classes at the library that I actually went online to see if something similar existed near where I live. I was so pleasantly surprised! My local library has a monthly calendar of activities for all age groups. There are a few things I’m interested in including a talk on growing orchids. I LOVE orchids but I have managed to kill every one I’ve ever owned so I was thrilled to see that someone with expertise in keeping these beautiful plants healthy and blooming will be giving a presentation. And it’s free to attend.

    I’ve bookmarked the library website so I can refer to it often. Thanks so much for the excellent tip!


    • You’re welcome Lisa. Glad I can help. Enjoy your class on orchids and happy growing. Send me a photo of one of your gems, if you can. Best of luck!


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