Will It Ever Stop Raining?

The past 26 days have yielded 21 days of rain, rain and more rain. We can’t do any outside work, the lawn still hasn’t been cut or properly cleaned up, we can’t take care of the driveway, we can’t sit out on our back deck, we can’t BBQ, we can’t take walks nor go hiking………we’re stuck indoors and I’m sick and tired of cleaning! Add huge temperature drops and the element of cold is making me want to scream! Some days it’s 20-25Fdegrees lower than normal! Baby it’s cold outside. And inside! It’s May and I still oftentimes have to put the heaters on just to stay warm.

Thankfully, my little RV is set and ready to go. And that’s what hubs and I are planning to do: jump in the car and tow the trailer down south to warmer, sunnier climates. DH has been carefully checking out the RV, testing the systems and all things look like its a go! All the towels, blankets and sheets had to be rewashed. The only thing left to do is stock the RV up with food and off we will go.

Unfortunately, since it’s raining here it’s also raining there. But NOT as much. Down south in the Carolinas, they are faring a bit better than we are. Temps in the mid 70’s and rain clouds few and far between. I see sunny days, sometimes a few consecutive ones, and that’s a very good thing.

As soon as we get a break in the weather, we’re heading down south to the beaches of North Carolina, home to the Outerbanks, Cape Hatteras, lighthouses and fish shacks.

getting to the outerbanks.jpg

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