Want To Save Big Bucks This Summer? Stay Home!

We retirees are fortunate in that we can travel any time we want any time of the year. By traveling in the off-season, we can save a bunch of money. Plus the biggest added benefit is that there will probably be NO lines where ever we decide to go (provided it really is off-season)

This past Memorial Day holiday saw a plethora of people crowding up the highways,  waiting on long lines to either go to the beach, ride a ferry, buy an ice cream cone, attend a function etc. Well, you get the picture. Do we retirees really want to be a part of this madness?

Is this how you want to spend your time? Waiting 90 minutes on a line to take a 20 minute ferry ride to the shore to sit shoulder to shoulder with another sunbather on a crowded beach?

And it’s just not the inner cities that are jammed up with tons of people and long lines. Take a good look at the line waiting for hikers to climb up Mount Everest. Did you ever see anything so insane?

lines mt everest.jpg
Waiting on line to climb Mt Everest along with the possibility of dying along the way. Nine climbers have already died in 2019. Brilliant.

DH and I make our vacation plans right before Memorial Day and right after Labor Day. Prices have neither risen before the holiday or the prices have dropped after the holiday. It’s a win-win situation for us. The weather is still good and the money saved is substantial. Plus there usually are never any lines.

So, what do we do during the summer? We stay home! There are so many free or almost free things to do in our neighborhood its almost ridiculous to leave and not be a part of the celebrations! There’s always a Farmer’s Market, a free or almost free concert, a county fair, a car show, a flower show, a food truck get together, a balloon festival, yard & garage sales (not to buy, just to look!) a local park to have a picnic. Again, well, you get the idea. Stay home! And save money for when you finally get to travel off season! Or better yet, when you snowbird for months on end in Florida or Arizona or where ever the warm sun takes you over the winter.

Our hometown has a local community pool that we sign up for each summer season. Senior price is only $50 from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Why would we leave town or wait on long lines with this barely two minutes away?

community pool.jpg - 1.jpg
Our community pool has Adult Time every day from noon to one. Priceless! No kids!

Don’t have access to any community functions? Then why not make your outdoor space as comfy and lovely as possible? Don’t have access to any outdoor space? I’m certain there’s a park somewhere close to you? Find a special place in that park and make it your own.

Check your local papers. Scour the Chamber of Commerce. There’s always something going on somewhere. Stay home. Save money. Have fun. Travel off-season. Most of the people we will meet on line in our hometown will probably be our neighbors. Strike up a conversation. Make friends. Invite them over to your house for an impromptu pot luck dinner! And save money!

back yard.jpg - 1.jpg
I took our plain deck and made it into a private retreat.
hometown picnic area.jpg - 1.jpg
We have several free picnic areas beautifully located along The Hudson River.
porch band.jpg - 1
There’s always a band playing somewhere nearby
cotton candy.jpg - 1
Cotton Candy at the local county fair
car shows.jpg - 1
Always a car show, somewhere, someplace!


  1. Hi Cindi, I just booked after Labor Day a CapeCod suite in my favorite lodge for half price which I will get free with my travel rewards. Yeah! I will look at Groupon for food and activities discounts but they have a heated pool and the best beaches beacon. I am so busy helping my son’s family into a new home. I keep their two year old busy while they get their house ready for sale and pack up all the boxes. June will be over before I know it. Lara

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Lara. That sounds divine. The weather is still perfect in September.
      Where did your son move to? Are you still near him?
      Let’s not rush the summer away lol!
      Have fun. Enjoy.


  2. Gorgeous views of your deck and the Hudson River! I go swim in local lakes (federal forest is nearby, and state parks) and rivers (Core of Engineer parks). The cost is from $1 to $4. I do not usually go to the free river park in my home county, only because it is so isolated, and no cell phone service. I also just walk at the local river park for free and enjoy the Spanish Moss. It is a Core of Engineer park and is kept up very nicely.

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    • Hi Cindy. A person can swim in the Hudson, but it’s not recommended. The river has currents that flow both up and down concurrently. If you get caught in a current, it would be difficult to swim back to shore.
      It sounds like you have a few great choices of things to do where you live. Good for you! Enjoy!


  3. My son lives two and half hours away and is moving one town over from where they live now. I have been here for twelve days out of the last fourteen . Saturday at 6AM, I traveled to my daughter’s an hour fifteen minutes away, halfway home watch them in a Memorial Parade and bought plants, then watch my Granddaughters softball game and drove another hour fifteen to home. Planted and did other yard work hired a teen to water the plants, collapsed at 8PM on the couch and woke at five AM to do six hours of work at my house and drove the two and half hours back to my son’s. I rocked the 2 year old for his nap and I fell asleep too! Lara

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