Sometimes You Just Gotta Get In The Car….And Drive!

My #1 SIL sent DH and myself this amazing picnic basket, just filled with tempty, tasty treats. It was his way of thanking us for having he, my daughter and granddaughter spend 10 days with us last month, while they had their one and only bathroom remodeled.

picnic BBQ.jpg - 10.jpg

So, what do you do when you get a giant picnic basket, filled with scrumptious goodies? We got in the car and drove north till we found a near perfect place to have a picnic.

picnic BBQ.jpg - 9.jpg


While at this park, up in Hudson NY, a local church was celebrating their 20th Anniversary with a rather large picnic of their own! There were giant BBQ pits cooking up some great chicken, ribs as well as hot dogs and hamburgers. There were rows and rows of tempting foods, potato salads, pasta salads, cut up watermelon, fruit salad and trays & trays of beignets! My favorite!!

We sat right across the way and listened to their preachers sermon, as well as the congregation singing with the band. It looked like a wonderful, happy church group. It was just perfect for DH and I. Sometimes we wish we could be a part of a great religious group but unfortunately this church is way too far from our home for Sunday gatherings.

beignets.jpgAs hubby and I started eating our own sandwiches, two young girls from the church came over to us to ask if we wanted to join the church for lunch. Yes, please! We chowed down on some rather tasty BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, salad, watermelon and I made myself a whole plate of beignets (New Orleans version of a croissant, only sweeter!) Sometimes you just gotta get in the car and drive! You can wind up in some rather happy places!

Here are some scenes from today’s surprise BBQ. Praise the Lord, Jesus!

And some other shots of the area:



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