I Joined A No-Spend June Challenge

Donna Freedman, over at Surviving and Thriving, is sponsoring a No-Spend June (click here) and I signed up for it because I don’t need to spend any more money this June! I’m on this new kick to see if I can really stick to a fixed income retirement spending plan. So far, I have failed miserably and I’m getting worried. Granted yes, DH’s retirement income doesn’t come in to view for another thirty-two months but I was curious.

saving money.jpg

Right now, once ALL our bills are paid each month, I have around $700 to $900 cash left over to cover food, gas and miscellaneous expenditures. Last month’s billing cycle started on 5/17/19 and was to end on 6/17/19 but by 5/22/19 I had already exceeded my goal. Oops. Thankfully I wrote every expense down to see where my money was going. We had to pay $294 for a propane fill up (in the fall I’m going on a monthly budget plan, which will spread out our expenses over the year instead). We joined the community pool @$100, I purchased a ‘dot’ com for my blog @$89, hubby needed auto parts @$125, we extended our RV reservation @$110…..well, you get the picture. We’re spending money on things we need, not so much we want. Nonetheless, we’re spending money and I’d like to see if I can control it a bit more.

Yesterday I wrote about how we received a picnic gift from my SIL (click here) and how when we went to a park to have the picnic, we met a local church having a BBQ and were invited to join in. All for free. (But we will be sending the church a donation at the end of our no-spend month).

Did I save any money on the above? Not really. It was just a lucky day. But I did save money on groceries. Rather than spend upwards of $125 a week, I’ve been buying just what I need vs what I would like or want, bringing the total down to under $50 bucks! I’ve also started making my own salad dressing vs buying a commercial brand ($1.99). I’ve been saving my sandwich bread ends and making my own bread crumbs vs buying panko crumbs ($2.99). Since this is strawberry season, I’ve been serving cut up strawberries over store-bought pound cake ($3.99) topped with whipped cream. I decided to bake my own pound cake, from a mix, offered for sale at Aldi for only .85 cents. (you read that right!)  The mix is only eighty-five cents. Add in 1 cup water, 1/3 cup vegetable oil, 2 or 3 eggs (@$.99 cents a dozen at Aldi) and for about only $1.05 vs $3.99 I can bake a delicious yellow cake vs the pound cake, which BTW makes a perfect foundation for strawberries and whipped creme. Also, the strawberries were on sale at Aldi ($1.29 vs $2.99 vs $4.99 at any other store for a pint). I cooked up a batch of strawberry preserves to keep in my fridge for future desserts.



I was actually able to squirrel away $50 cash leftover grocery money into my savings account! This money is desperately needed to fund my vacation gas account for upcoming RV travels this summer. So, score one for me!

For the rest of the month, I’ll note any savings during this no-spend June month at the bottom of my blog entries.

If you’d like to join in, just send me your link and I’ll set up a page for us no-spenders. We can keep track of each other as well as encourage each other to save! save! save!



  1. We can’t wait to read how you’re doing in the challenge. We won’t be able to participate because or expenses are a bit unusual this month. We’re waiting for our camp host site to open (in Mammoth Lakes, CA) so we’re in limbo. Good luck. 👍🏼

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  2. I make a pound-like cake by using any yellow cake mix and using buttermilk in place of water. I add oil and eggs and bake in a bundt pan. This makes a very moist delicious cake. Penny S.


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