Saving Money With Menu Planning

Meals at home not only got a little bit easier since I started menu planning, but meals also got less expensive. No more rummaging through the fridge or the pantry. No more asking ‘what’s to eat?” or “what’s for dinner?” You simply have to look at the menu plan chart, boldly hanging on the front of the fridge, and you’ll know what’s available, what’s on the menu, what you can easily prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a few desserts. All ingredients are ALWAYS on hand.

Yes. It’s been that simple and easy.

menu shot.png

classic, typical Greek-styled salad
Asian marinated salmon
broccoli/onion/mushroom stir fry with jasmine rice
chicken tenders in sweet sour sauce. perfect over jasmine rice
key lime pie
sauteed cherry tomatoes in olive oil with garlic as a pizza topping
whole wheat pizza crust, sautted tomatoes with freshly grated mozzarella cheese
sangria wine with pineapple slice over ice.


  1. As you know, I’ve done monthly meal planning for years. It saves me time and money. I keep a pantry of staples that I stock up on during sales and I know you do this too. We eat a lot of leftovers for lunch. I also keep a plastic container in the fridge with veggies washed and cut up for snacks and a bowl of apples or bananas, lest I start rummaging for a chocolate fix. Good luck with your meal planning, I think you’ll find it worth the effort in both time and money saved.


    • Thanks Florence. I’m liking this meal planning. Now when hubby asks me what’s to eat, I show him the chart. Working out like a charm.
      Thanks for your comment.


  2. 😋 I like your meal plan. I just made for lunch two turkey lettuce wraps adding 1/2 avocado and chopped fresh tomatoes with ranch dressing and will toss the left over onto mesclun organic lettuce and spinach cut from my salad pots with mushrooms, cucumbers, and carrots added to go with dinner. The other half of the turkey slices I shredded and have it marinading in 1/2 barbecue sauce and 1/2 ketchup and will make a sloppy Tom pita for dinner. .It’s one of my favorite plan overs for easy peasy dinners to eat outside on this gorgeous summer day. Lara


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