Staying Humble Makes Me A Better Person.

When DH and I went out for breakfast on Father’s Day, we used to always go to a favorite local diner. This year was very different. This year, both on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day we went out to breakfast at our local McDonald’s instead. As I was sitting there, enjoying my $12 total breakfast for DH and myself vs the $30 the same meal would have cost us at the diner, I had a revelation.


At first I started feeling sorry and depressed for myself. Why weren’t we at the diner? Has my life sunk so low that all we could afford was McDonald’s? It wasn’t until I realized that my husband and I had made a conscious decision to have breakfast at McDonald’s did I realize our intention. Rather than dip into our savings account  we chose to start saving money instead for several upcoming projects. With this uncovering, my outlook on life took on a whole different meaning. Our money mindset had changed. Our goals had changed. Personally, I think the reality of our retirement status had awakened us up. Instead of a deprivation mentality, I came to realize we were in an abundance mentality. We were consciously bowing to the universe and in its place, the universe was bowing back to us.

The universe (or God, as we see it) will provide.

DH and I both decided to stop spending money foolishly, make cuts to our existing budget and save money instead. Once we physically made that decision and once we proved to the universe our seriousness, the universe opened up. More work and financial opportunities became visible and our savings account started flourishing. As soon as I realized this phenomenon, that McDonald’s Big Breakfast sure started feeling a whole lot better. I no longer felt deprived. I felt abundant. I was doing the right thing.

When we got home, I got out my iPhone and decided to video all that the universe has provided for us. It wasn’t a fluke or an accident that DH and I live such an abundant life. It was a combination of our hard work, sacrifice and the favor of God.

Here’s my video. It’s a bit long and it’s a bit shaky. Since I am starting to get into doing more videos, my wish list includes a camera iPhone stand, which in turn will take better, steadier videos.

Just remember, we started out like this photo: 3.5 raw acres of rotten land, filled with shale and rocks. It looked insurmountable, as DH and I stood in front of a hole that would soon become our home’s foundation. Hubs and I were tired, disheveled and overweight but determined to carve out a new life for ourselves, free from debt.

in front of land.jpg


  1. That was a BEAUTIFUL movie! I love your home and all the lush greenery surrounding it! Upstate NY is one of my favorite places. You and Nick are truly blessed Cindi! You have the change of seasons (which I miss desperately).

    I know winter is a bear but wow ! Look at how much beauty surrounds you.


    • It’s beautiful here in the winter also. Our home was supposed to be built with a much needed fireplace but they forgot to add it in when being built. UGH! Biggest regret. It would have made the winters more enjoyable. Oh well. Anyway, the breeze was blowing, which you can see and all my bird friends were chirping which the music snuffed out. But my birdie friends were there! I love to sit on my deck and watch all the birds fly about. Their songs are music! Thanks for your comment, Teri.


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