Abundance vs Frugality? Why Choose? Why Not Combine The Two?

I seem to fluctuate between frugality and abundance. When I feel abundant I feel guilty. I think that if I get too caught up in abundance I might get punished and be banished to mandatory frugality. That’s when I switch from abundance to voluntary frugality. I remain in frugality till I feel so underprivileged I long for abundance yet once again. But do I really have to choose between the two? Why can’t I combine the two and enjoy them both constantly and consistently?

yin & yang
The yin & the yang combined inside a harmonious circle.

How in the world do you combine ‘extremely plentiful‘ with ‘scrimping and saving‘? Duly noted that opposites attract but how do you join the yin with the yang? Isn’t it true that in human couple-ship opposites attract and yet get along very well? You may have much in common but you also have things that set you apart from each other quite harmoniously, I might add. So, is combining abundance with frugality more like a marriage? A partnership? Each one respecting the other but getting along just fine by holding onto their own set of core beliefs? Sure, you may have your differences but you talk it out and unanimously agree on a mutual outcome.

All abundance starts first in the mind. People who believe in abundance think that there is enough abundance to go around to everyone. Frugality, on the other hand, can be founded on either necessity or want. Necessity means you’re broke. You have no choice. You’re living paycheck to paycheck. Want means you’re sick and tired of being broke. So, you make conscious decisions to lower your expenses and live financially free. This is where abundance comes in. Since all abundance starts in your mind, you need to begin focusing on positive thoughts and setting goals. By believing that abundance will happen, it usually and consistently does.

Find a healthy balance between extreme frugality and abundance mentality, and you’ll set yourself up for success.

I live (and enjoy) a frugal lifestyle. But I also live (and enjoy) a life of abundance. I don’t dote nor dwell on either selection. I combine the two and enjoy them both. Each has its good and bad points. I’m tired of being broke and worrying about money but I’m also tired of wondering if I have enough and will I need more. Turns out, I won’t. I have enough.

When you reach your own set-point of ‘enough’ you will discover that yes! you can combine abundance and frugality together and live quite nicely inside your own special circle.

Live well and prosper, my friend. Live well and prosper.




  1. Experience has taught me:
    When you establish that you have enough- your set point can not remain the same. Reason is unfortunately inflation plays havoc on this point. So then you use frugal methods to live below your means and create greater savings to fight against the erosion of your nest egg. If you create an added income stream from practicing frugality and always leave at least 10% alone for added growth you tame future inflation. At some point this full circle brings the feeling of abundance because your savings provides enough discretionary Money so you don’t have to feel deprived. The earlier you recognize the true circle the easier your life becomes especially in retirement.
    IMHO when you ignore the financial full circle you are a constant swinging pendulum creating anger, stress, worry , and feelings of deprivation and entitlement giving into impulsive splurges and experiencing guilt. All of this emotional baggage is a waste of our precious time on Earth and robs us of joy and happiness. Sincerely, Lara

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    • I guess in the end,
      it’s that
      Joyful Feeling.
      Peace of mind.
      True contentment when you get everything in balance.
      Personally I am about to reset my priorities. My son’s RI home sold above asking price after a one hour Saturday open house with a closing in July-so no double mortgage payment for them. He is over his health crisis having lost 44 pounds, on medication, and established a exercise program.
      So-I can prioritize my own projects and needs lightening up on watching my grandson and travel. Hallelujah! Lara


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