Getting Ready For A Super Holiday Week

I’ve decided that for this week and the upcoming 4th of July weekend, I’m not going to think much about anything except enjoying my life. Last night I had two of my best, best friends over for a southern-style BBQ (baby back ribs with Texas-style BBQ sauce, baked mac&cheese with bacon, string bean salad, cole slaw, sweet tea, sangria with fresh pineapple, orange & lemon slices, cheese cake in a graham cracker crust topped with fresh made strawberry preserves). Last weekend, new neighbors moved onto our block and sponsored a welcome meet & great party for ALL of the neighbors on my street. She’s re-doing the party July 4th and I intend to be there.

marinating baby back ribs in my special rub mix

My new neighbors bought out a historic (but run down) home that sits on 10 acres, has a lake and a high line. Our new neighbors have been working tirelessly and non-stop since they bought the house because they are bringing it back to its former 1868 self. Home was to a famous farming family, whose main son became a lawyer and in turn was one of FDR’s (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) best friend. Yup, ole FDR and Ben were here together in the house, many, many times. I told you my neighborhood was special. It’s a very historic place.

Anyway, it’s been great meeting someone new and exciting. It was also seeing most of my neighbors again, all in the same place. Many of us are practically the same age, have much in common, especially our love of the land and our neighborhood. Most everyone has 10 acres or more. We’ll be seeing every one again on the fourth. I just want to toss all my cares aside and relax for a change. Hubby and I had a rough week and I think it’s time for a staycation.

Hope y’all are doing the same.

block party.jpg - 4
Dad pulling up the highline so daughter can use it
block party.jpg - 2
some of our neighbors
block party.jpg - 3
know what we are all looking up at? how many of you would love to have this in your backyard?


  1. That oven full of food looks like Thanksgiving!! I fixed ribs, too! So cheap, paid less than $5 for ours. Fixed them in the Instapot.

    Sadly, we know none of our neighbors. We pull our cars into our garages, are rarely in our front yards and so we don’t see them enough to even introduce ourselves. I applaud you for getting to know your neighbors.


    • Wow, Leslie, I thought I was the only one or it was a New York thing. Not knowing our neighbors. I met my next door neighbors for the first time at this party and we both have been here for 19 years!!! Sad. Just sad.
      Ribs in the instapot. Bet they were mmm mmm good!
      Thanks for your comment!


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