The True Meaning Of A Minimalist Home

book.pngWe’re not talking about a home that has four bare walls, a single table and a chair. Author Joshua Becker, king of minimalistic living, gives us a room by room instruction guide on how to live a simple, less cluttered life in his latest book, The Minimalist Home.

Create the home you want in the house you already have, touts Becker. Minimalisn, Becker explains, isn’t about removing items from our home that we love. No, it’s about removing the stuff that distracts us from the things we love. Less clutter means less cleaning time and more time doing things that we enjoy and love. Less clutter means less stress and more time with your friends and family.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this, have no worries. Becker makes it easy and simple as he and you go through each and every room together. Closet by closet. Draw by draw. Becker has it down to an easy science. The ‘us’ rooms (living room and family room), the personal refuge rooms (bedroom and guest room), the mudroom, the bathroom, the laundry room, the heart of the home (kitchen and dining room), Becker doesn’t miss a beat and neither will you. Joshua Becker has mastered the art of living simply and clutter free.

Joshua Becker ends his book with the hardest decluttering tasks of all: the home office, toy room, the garage and yes! your yard. Gone will be stacks of newspapers, magazines, mail, old CDs, ridiculous collections of corks, figurines, wine bottles, concert tickets, hardly worn, unused clothing, up to and including eliminating some furniture pieces. Becker knows all the pitfalls and he knows what’s hiding in all your closets, cabinets, boxes, storage bins. Rid yourself of what you don’t want, don’t need, don’t use and free up your time to live a life that has more energy, more money, with purpose and meaning.

Minimalism isn’t about taking something away from you. It’s about giving you something more.

The decluttering process isn’t going to get done in a day or a week. I started last spring to rid myself from stuff I no longer needed. It took me several months to go through each room, every closet and every drawer. Once my tasks were completed, it still remains an ongoing project as I continue to keep my home clutter free. Everything has a place and everything is in its place. You won’t find my living room cluttered with electronics, remote controls, old CDs or DVDs, power cords, throw blankets, dog-eared books or juvenile collections. Instead, you will find a peaceful respite where friends and family can gather, relax, watch a streaming movie or listen to streaming music in comfort and tranquility.

uncluttered living room.jpg
My living room, with ‘just enough’ and no more.

You can pick up Joshua Becker’s latest book wherever books are sold. Or, you can rent it for free, as I did, from your local library. Becker has authored other minimalism books, such as The More Of Less, as well as his blog and podcasts. For more information on Becker, click here.

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