Getting Into A Summer Routine. Finally.

I can’t believe that summer is finally here. I actual feel warm all over! This has been the first time I have gone through all the four seasons in a very long time. I enjoyed most of it but still can’t take those winter cold months. Oh well.

Anyway, I’ve fallen into a routine and I am loving every second of it. I wake up each morning no earlier than 10:30. I pre-make a pot of coffee the night before, so all I have to do is touch a button to get things rolling. I bought an inexpensive hand-held frother and have been enjoying full caffeine espresso latte’s in the morning. Delish.


I do some clean up chores right after my coffee and get to the community pool by noon time. My old friends from last summer are back, so its been rather nice having a friendly face to swim with in the morning. Adult time is from noon till 1PM. It’s the best part of my day!

the pool is not at all crowded during the adult swim time!

I’ve been busy renting financial books out of the library and reading voraciously. I should be a billionaire by September!

books im reading.jpg
Just some of the many financial books I’ve been reading. Wait for my reviews.

Lastly, I finally got a chance to get my hair cut in my favorite summer style: the pixie! By the time I come out of the pool or a shower, one quick hand towel drying and I’m ready to go. That’s what I love so much about the warm summery months. Life gets downright easy. Side note: I’ve been feeling better and better with each passing day. I still won’t dive under water BUT I’m getting there! For now, the back stroke will do!

My fave, cotton pineapple summer dress.

Many days so far have been in the high 80sF degrees. A few days have hit the low 90s. It’s the perfect time to have and enjoy these ready made salads from Aldi. They’re priced much less than Walmart ($3.95) which makes them all the more affordable ($2.46). So, I’m back to having salads AND I’m back to having high protein power shakes. Gotta keep fit in my new (extreme sale) black Calvin Kline bathing suit (retail $115 but got it at Marshall’s for only $19). Nope. Not going to show you a pic of that!

All salads are under 300 calories & come complete, with its own fork. How easy is that?

How has your summer been, so far? We’re heading towards the Newport Rhode Island beaches soon in our RV. The pool has been fine but sometimes you just want to hear the roar of the Atlantic Ocean. Stay tuned.

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  1. Your hair looks great! I love it !

    Your routine sounds similar to mine! We get up late, after all those years of waking up at 5:30 am it’s LOVELY!

    We go to the gym, run errands, clean house, hang out in our cold hot tub (lol our yard is too small for a pool, nor can we afford one, so about 7 years ago we bought a hot tub to cool off in ) .

    Life is good! Another great post Cindi! Glad you’re doing better!


    • Thanks Teri. That’s funny that you have a hot/cold tub! Excellent idea.
      It’s days like this that I enjoy being retired. My aim is to make every day like this! Life is def good!


  2. Your haircut is very cute, very you. I will check out the salads next time I am in Aldi. Eating one of those for lunch will help me save some calories to use toward my glass of Carlo Rossi Paisano wine(great tip! and I am not a wine snob).


  3. I am enjoying a summer schedule, too. Enjoying my knock-off Keurig coffee on the patio and reading, doing my quiet time outside. Good for you to get some swimming in every day. Summer is delicious!


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